I am safely resting in His hands


It is He who blows the first breath of life into us;
it is He who determines the last breath of our life.
May be, we should allow him to take us as His flute
and play the sweet song of our entire life.

This sentiment is expressed beautifully in the song:

kuzhaloothi manamellam
koLLai konda pinnum
kuRaiyethum enakkEthadi

Tired of this stressful life and senseless pursuits?
Come; let us surrender to our dear Lord Krishna!
Let us place our ego as the flute in His hands.

Our every action will then becomes a note
in the music that He will gladly play through us.

Then, where will there be place in our mind 
for wants and wishes that ceaselessly haunt us?

We can blissfully chant thenceforth 
in harmony with His music:

குறை ஒன்றும் இல்லை கோவிந்தா
kuRai onRum yillai Govinda

I am wanting in nothing;
I am full; I am full; I am full.
OM! Poornamidam!

The sound of Krishna's flute is the divine call to ecstasy urging us
to give up all attachments and become merged in Him.
It is His call advising us: "Give up all and follow Me."
Happy are those who can hearken to this
and start living in eternal Bliss,
like Shri Andal and the Gopis of Vrindavan.

यस्य ब्रह्मणि रमते चित्तं नन्दति नन्दति नन्दत्येव

yasya brahmani ramate cittam nandati nandati nandatyeva

Kuzhaloothi Vocal by Sudha Raghunathan:

                                                poorNamadaH poorNamidam