TIRUKKURAL                Background    About Tiruvalluvar    Readings from the Kural

Dharma; The Good HouseholderThe Life PartnerChildrenA Loving DispositionAn Open HouseThe Soft WordSpeak Not Ill Of Others  
GratitudeRectitudeSelf-ControlThe Regulated Life;  Unlawful LoveForbearanceDo Not EnvyDo Not Covet; Avoid Worthless Talk 
Conscience; Social Co-operation ; Helping The Poor;   Public Esteem;   CompassionEat No MeatPenance;  Impure LifeTruthfulness;   
Against AngerDo Not Cause Harm;  The Fleeting WorldRenunciation;  True Knowledge;  Renouncing Of DesireLaw Of Karma;
Book 2  Vigilance;   IndustriousnessThe Strenuous Life;  FortitudeOn Learning; On Being Unlettered;  True Knowledge;   Listening;
On Friendship;  FollyGuard Against Deceivers;  Ruled By WomenOn Lust, Wine & Gambling;  On The Art Of Healing; Self-respectGlory
Looking After The Tribe; NiggardlinessRepugnanceToEvil;  Unscrupulous Men;  AgricultureOn Poverty;  Labour;  Prosperous State;  
ActionJudging TimeTactics;  Choosing the ExecutiveGood Ministers;  Good Birth;  Nobility;  Oppression & MisrulePenalties
TheGoodMinister;   ResolutenessOn SpiesThe Art Of Persuasion;  Assembly Work;  The Moral Law; The Dangers Of The Palace;
A Prosperous Nation;  FortificationsA Well Filled Exchequer
Efficiency in Action; The Offensive.