Quiet Breathing

All the inside activities of the body are due to the ever going process of combustion or oxidation in the body. And this process of combustion works with the help of the respiration and the blood circulation. Therefore, the moment there is internal or external movement of the body, it affects the process of blood circulation and respiration. As a result of this, increasing the speed of the breathing provides the needed oxygen for the concerned movements. The speed of the breathing is increased in accompaniment to the speed of the movements of the body. Therefore it is noticed that the breathing is smooth or quiet, when there is no bodily movement or when it is in its normal or relaxed state. Such breathing is called Quiet Breathing. No control of any sort is kept on this breathing. Normally after taking up the final position of any Asana and then stabilizing, this position for some time, the quiet breathing of this type becomes natural. And in order to have this type of breathing one should relax the body as much as possible during the period of the stabilized Asana position.