The greatness of the Lord's Name:

This is a story from the Mahabharata that illustrates the power of the Lord's Name.

With a view to getting Krishna wholly on her side, Satyabhama went to Narada and requested him to tell her some way by which she could achieve her objective. Narada knew that Satyabhama was very selfish and that selfishness would never work in regard to matters relating to God. So, Narada wanted to teach her a lesson and said that he knew of a method which would get Krishna on her side completely. She should perform a devotional ritual in which she would first give away her husband as a gift to someone and then buy him back with money, equivalent in weight to the weight of the Lord. Narada said that Krishna would belong solely to Satyabhama at all times and under all circumstances, if she completed this ritual.

Satyabhama did not understand God's ways. She had no idea of God's strength. She was intensely selfish and was lured into the plan which Narada had put before her. Therefore, she decided to perform the ritual.  She made Krishna sit in one pan of the balance and put all her wealth in the other pan; but it was no match for the weight of Krishna. Narada saw an excellent opportunity in the situation and told Satyabhama that since she was not able to give the money needed to equal her husband's weight, he was taking away Krishna and that from that day onwards, Krishna would not belong to her but would belong to him.

Becoming worried, Satyabhama tried to find someone who could help her. She thought of Rukmini and went in search of her. She found her performing Tulasi Pooja and made the request known to her. Rukmini saw the plight of Satyabhama and said that she would gladly help her. She went with Subhadra, with a few Tulasi leaves in her hand. When Rukmini saw the situation in which Krishna and Narada were, she was astonished to find that Satyabhama was trying to outweigh the Lord himself with money. She knew that this would never be possible. 

She spoke to Narada and told him that money could never outweigh God; only God's name could match Him in weight. Narada would not consent to this; he said that since Krishna had a form which can be seen, He must be weighed against something which can also be seen. He was not prepared to accept something which could not be seen, such as a name, as an equivalent to Krishna. With a pure heart filled with Bhakti and love for her Lord, Rukmini immediately grasped the situation and she told herself that whether it was a fruit, a flower or a leaf or even a spoon of water that she offered, God would surely respond if given in full faith. If there was any truth in this, she expected Krishna to respond to what she was going to do. So, with full faith, she placed a few Tulasi leaves in the other pan of the balance after uttering the name of Krishna. The name of Krishna thus placed in the pan with great faith by Rukmini became equal to the person of Krishna in the other pan; in fact, the weight of the tulasi leaves became an excess in the weighing-balance!

(Source: Bhagawan Satya Sai Baba's discourse published in )