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    Sage Viswamitra started his Yagna. After a few days of peaceful worship, as the rites were being performed, there was heard from the sky a great roar.

Rama looked up and saw two rakshasas Maareecha (son of Taataka) and Subaahu and their followers preparing to shower unclean things on the Yagna  fire. The army of Raakshasas covered the sky like a great black cloud.

Rama said, "Look Lakshmana," and let go the (Wind-arrow) Maanava-astra at Maareecha. As was intended, it did not kill Maareecha, but wrapping him up in resistless force hurled him a full hundred miles near the sea.

With the (FIRE-arrow) Aagneya-astra Rama killed Subaahu; and then the two princes totally  destroyed the entire army of Raakshasas.

The sky was bright again.

Viswaamitra was supremely happy at the completion of his yagna. "I am grateful to King Dasaratha," he said. "You have fulfilled the promise, princes. I admire your fortitude. This aashrama has through you become again a scene of success, Siddhaashrama." ('Siddha' means success).

The next day, Rama and Lakshmana, after their morning prayers, went to Viswaamitra and asked for further orders.
Viswamitra knew of the service that he still had to do for Rama. This was the prince's marriage with Seeta.

All the rishis were going to the kingdom of Videha where, in the capital city of Mithila, King Janaka, was performing a great sacrifice. They invited the Princes to accompany them and see the marvellous bow in the court of the king. Viswamitra agreed and all of them proceeded to Mithila where they were received with great honor.