Sita Kalyanam   


Dasaratha, who had sent Rama with Viswaamitra with anxiety was thrilled with joy on hearing this good news. He and his retinue reached Mithila and were received with enthusiastic welcome. Janaka said to Dasaratha: "My yagna will soon be over. I think it best to have the marriage as soon as the yagna is over," and Dasaratha agreed.

At the appointed day and hour, giving away the bride, King Janaka said to Rama: "Here is my daughter, Seeta, who will ever tread with you the path of dharma. Take her hand in yours. Blessed and devoted, she will ever walk with you like your own shadow”. These words in Sanskrit are chanted even today in all Hindu marriages:
"Iyam Seetaa mama sutaa, saha-dharma-charee tava”

Thus was Seeta given by Janaka to Rama in marriage. This happy episode in Ramayana is called ‘Sita Kalyanam’.