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    But before this could happen, there was trouble. The old King's favorite Queen, Kaikeyi, had a maid named Manthara.

She was a hunch-back and wanted only the very best for her mistress Kaikeyi. She saw all the joyous preparations in the city and learned that Rama was to be crowned as king the next day.  She became very angry at this and straight went to Kaikeyi. She told her:

“Dasaratha married you because his two other wives had no children. At that time he told your father that your son will become the king. He has sent Bharata to your father’s place, wants to break that promise and make Rama King.  You must stop this.

Once, when Dasaraths was in great trouble you saved his life and he gave you two promises which you can demand any time. Ask him now to make Bharata king and send Rama to the forest for fourteen years.”

Kaikeyi’s pure heart was changed by Manthara’s evil mind. She decided to follow Manthara’s advice.