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Dasaratha was in great pain. He remembered a great sin committed by him in his youth. He felt that he was now reaping what he then sowed: "I killed a Rishi's son by mistake and brought grief to his aged parents. How could this sin be wiped off except by my suffering the anguish of losing my dear son?" Thus Dasaratha resigned himself to his fate as a just retribution for the wrong he had once done before. He concluded that be had no alternative but to fulfil his word to his cruel wife Kaikeyi and left the ordering of things entirely to her. She sent word for Rama to come at once.

Rama came and was shocked to see his father lying on the bare floor in pain. Dasaratha could not look straight into the face of Rama.  But Kaikeyi herself spoke to Rama and said: "The King is angry with no one. There is nothing wrong with his health. But there is something in his mind which he is afraid to tell you. That is all. He is afraid to say it to you, lest you should feel hurt. That is why he is silent.

Once upon a time, he had offered and I accepted, the gift of two boons. Now, the King regrets he did so. But it is unbecoming of a King to pledge his word and then regret it. You have the power to fulfil his promise, but he fears even to tell you of it. If you assure him that he need not be anxious about your attitude and that he should keep his word at all costs, you will give him the strength to behave righteously. “ Hearing these words, Rama replied to her: “ I give you my solemn promise that I shall fulfil the King's promise to you; I never break my word."

Kaikeyi told him: “Your father in gratitude for having been saved by me when he was seriously wounded gave me two boons to be claimed and specified when I chose. I have claimed and specified them now. They are that Bharata should become  Yuvaraaja and that you should be sent away this very day to the Dandaka forest, to remain in exile for fourteen years.”

Rama replied with a smile:"Is that all, mother? Surely, the King's promise must be fulfilled. I shall wear the proper simple dress and go this very day to the forest."

He then went to the house of his mother Queen Kausalya to give her the news and take her blessings before departing to the forest.

Raama's cheerful renunciation should be seen and followed by us all against Dasaratha's anguish and the greediness of Kaikeyi.