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One day, a Raakshasa woman happened to come there and see them. She was Soorpanakha, Raavana's sister who was roaming the forest. She was horribly ugly, but had the magical power to assume any lovely form at will. When she saw the god-like beauty of Rama, she was filled with desire for him. She changed herself into a beautiful woman and approached Rama.  She introduced herself as the Lanka King Ravana’s sister and also the sister of Khara and Dooshana who were the rulers of the forest. She then expressed her love for him thus:

"The moment I saw you I fell in love with you. You are now my husband. Why do you wander around with this feail woman! I am the mate worthy of you. Come with me. Let us wander at will through the forest. I can take what shape I please. Do not mind this girl of yours. I shall eat her up in a trice and dispose of her. Do not hesitate."