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One person Kampana escaped being killed and fled to Ravana’s court in Lanka. He narrated what happened in Janasthana and told Ravana that Rama could not be defeated in battle. Instead, he suggested that Ravana abduct Sita and carry her away to Lanka. “Separation from her will kill Raama; so great is his love for her. Consider how you can do this.”

Following this, Soorpanakha herself arrived bleeding and said: “Your brothers, Khara, Dooshana and Trisiras and your gallant army of fourteen thousand fierce Raakshasas have been exterminated by Raama, a mere man, and your outpost at Janasthaana forest has been destroyed? I, your own sister, has been disgraced, mutilated and heart-broken! Have you no thoughts of vengeance-you, a hero, a brother, king?" Stung by her contempt and heart-struck by her suffering and sorrow, Raavana said: "Be sure you shall be avenged”. Listening to his sister and also her praise of Sita's beauty, Raavana decided to act. He went to Mareecha’s place and told him:.

“To avenge myself I have decided to carry off Rama's wife from the Dandaka forest. To disgrace and punish this Rama is a duty I owe to my race. And for this I need your help. With you to help me, I have no fear. In courage, strength, skill and magical powers, none on earth can equal you. That is why I have come to you. You should turn yourself into a golden deer--a golden deer with silver spots, casting a spell on all eyes. In that shape romp in front of Sita near Rama's aashrama. True to the character of women, she will insist on Rama and Lakshmana pursuing and capturing you for her. When they are thus engaged and she is left alone, I shall easily carry her off.”

MAAREECHA told Raavana, "I have listened to all that you have said and I am filled with great sorrow. It is easy for me to flatter you. Flattery is ever pleasant to the ears. But remember that those who give good though unpleasant advice are few; and fewer still are those who welcome it when given; yet it is my duty to speak to you the harsh truth. Sweet words might please you now, but will surely lead you to danger and ruin. Rama is the embodiment of dharma. He employs his strength and courage in the service of dharma. As Indra is surely the first among the gods, Raama is first among mortal men.”

Thus Maareecha earnestly pleaded for the good of Raavana who, however, was far from pleased or convinced. How could good advice prevail on a victim of lust? Like a sick man rejecting medicine, Ravana refused to listen to Maareecha's counsel and threatened him with death if he did not obey. Mareecha thought it would be better to die at the hands of Rama rather than of Ravana. So he  agreed to obey Ravana’s order and proceeded towards Rama’s cottage in Panchavati..