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    The chase went on until Maareecha took Rama far out. Then the Raakshasa realised this game would not go on forever and that his end was near. Raama also, tired of the pursuit, bent his bow and sent forth an arrow. It pierced the stag. Maareecha resumed his rakshasa form and imitating Raama's voice called out, "Ah Seeta, Ah Lakshmana!" and died.

"Lakshmana was right," said Rama to himself. "This deer was indeed a Raakshasa."

He thought further, "Hearing his last cry, may be, Seeta will be deceived. She is likely to be overwhelmed by fear." He then said to himself again, "What if Seeta entertains false fears? Lakshmana is there by her side."

His heart then swelled with pride and joy, that he bad a brother like Lakshmana, so loving and so steadfast. How could Rama guess what was happening at that very instant in the aashrama, and what painful words Lakshmana had to hear from Seeta? Truly, the way of Destiny is cruel.