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    Seeta was deceived by Mareecha's cry and believed that it was Rama who was crying for help. Trembling in great fear, she cried out to Lakshmana, "There, do you not hear your brother's voice? Run, run at once to his help!"  

But Lakshmana knew the tricks of the Raakshasas and remembered his brother's command. He also knew that none could defeat Rama. Therefore he did not move.

Seeta grew furious in her agony of fear and doubt. She beat her breast with both hands and charged Lakshmana with having turned traitor to Rama and having sinful intentions towards herself! She threatened that she would kill herself if he did not go immediately to the rescue of Rama. 

Mad herself, she maddened Lakshmana with her words of reproach. He had to leave her; otherwise, he was afraid she would harm herself. He warned her to beware of strangers and not to step out of the hut; he then started most reluctantly towards the place from where the cry came.