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Crossing the Pampa and then the sea, Raavana entered the city of Lanka. He went to his apartments with the grief-stricken Seeta. He showed her his palace and his wealth. He assured her that if she agreed to become his wife, she would be the first Queen and enjoy great comforts.

Before replying to him, Sita placed a little bit of grass between Raavana and herself and spoke these words:

"Know who I am. Dasaratha was famed in all the three worlds and reigned long years and stood as a bulwark of dharma and defender of truth. His son Raama, of god-like presence and lion-like valour, is my husband. He and his brother Lakshmana will surely take your life. You know how Khara and his army were destroyed in Janasthaana by my lord.

As easily as an eagle carries a venomous serpent, he destroyed your huge army in Janasthaana. Because you have secured a boon that no god or Asura can kill you, you have dared to make Raama your enemy. You think your boon will save you. But I tell you, you cannot escape. You will surely meet your death at his hands. 

Do not dream that out of fear or for saving my life i shall yield to you." 

"Is that so?" said Raavana angrily. "Very well then, I shall give you twelve months' time. If you agree to accept me, well and good. If at the end of that period you refuse, my cooks will make meat of your body for my breakfast."

After warning Sita thus, he gave orders to the attendant Raakshasis: "You should break her pride and obstinacy by some means or other. Put her alone in the Ashoka garden and skillfully use fear and temptation to bring her to her senses. As we tame a wild she-elephant, you should train her to submission." And angrily he went to his palace.

The Raakshasis took Sita to the Ashoka garden. It was a beautiful park attached to the women's apartments. The trees were full of flowers and fruits, and beautiful birds played among them. Here, surrounded  by terribly ugly Raakshasis, Seeta was kept a closely guardedprisoner.

Though overwhelmed by grief, she had the faith that Rama and Lakshmana would somehow discover where she was and rescue her, that her lord would destroy Ravana and take her back to a happy life with him.

Sustained by this faith, she was neither frightened by threats nor deceived by temptations. Not for one day, or two, but for months, Sita suffered thus a close prisoner in the Ashoka garden. 



RAVANA took SITA to his island Kingdom, LANKA. There, he held her as a prisoner in agrden named Ashoka Vana. She was guarded by many rakshasis. He gave her twelve months' time to agree to become his queen, threatening her that if she did not agree, he would eat her up.