Directing Vanaras to search for Sita in all directions.   


Vaali's obsequies were performed with due form and ceremony. After the auspicious bath, Sugreeva was crowned king and Angada was made Yuvaraaja.

After the rainy season was over, Sugreeva was reminded by Hanuman of the promise to help Rama find Sita.  Sugreeva called his minister Neela and gave the command: "All the world must be searched and Seeta found. Order therefore the most powerful Vaanaras to come and join up at once."

In the meanwhile, Rama got tired of waiting endlessly and sent Lakshmana to Sugreeva's palace. When Lakshmana reached the palace, Sugreeva sent Tara to meet and pacify his anger. Taara spoke to Lakshmana:
"Sugreeva has already issued orders for mobilising the Vaanara warriors from all quarters. Today or tomorrow they will all be here. Then the search for Seeta and the war against Raavana will begin. Have no doubts."

Lakshmana's anger vanished. He took Sugreeva with him to Rama and conveyed the good news. Raama was pleased. He said to Sugreeva: "You indeed are a real friend. Like the clouds yielding rain, the sun destroying darkness and the moon pleasing human hearts, a good friend comes to one's help spontaneously. I am happy in your friendship. Now the end of Raavana and his race is certain."

Even as Raama was expressing his gratitude and joy, large groups of Vaanaras under their respective leaders arrived and assembled. They came from distant forests, mountains and coasts. Sugreeva addressed this enormous army and showed them their appointed camping places. Later, he divided the army into eight divisions and sent each under its commander, thoroughly to search in the eight directions for Sita.