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After sending away the other leaders, Sugreeva took Hanumaan aside and told him: "Son of Vaayu, possessing the strength and splendour of your father, you alone can succeed in this task. You have strength, courage and intelligence and on you I rely to take up and discharge this responsibility of discovering Seeta."

Raama too felt that Hanumaan's efforts would be crowned with success. Whatever obstacles turned up, he felt that Hanumaan would find a way of overcoming them. He gave his signet ring to Hanumaan and said: "Take this ring. I am full of hope that you will discover Seeta.' This ring will tell her that you are my messenger. Dear Hanumaan, may you bring Seeta and me together again!"

The hordes that went north, east and west returned in a month and reported that Seeta was not to be found anywhere. "Carefully we searched forests, mountains, rivers and cities, but nowhere could we find her. Hanumaan, who bad gone southwards, is the lucky one. Did not the Raakshasa carrying Seeta also travel south-wards? And Hanumaan has not yet returned."

Raama, hearing this, was satisfied that the Vaanaras had done their best. He also felt that Hanuman would return with news about Sita.