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"I have seen all Lanka," Hanuman thought with irrepressible grief. "I have seen every inch of Ravana's palace. What more could I do here? Am I to return without seeing Sita? No. I shall rather end my life here. Yes, that is the only thing for me to do."  But at once he said to himself, "Fie, fie on me for yielding to such despondency unworthy and dishonourable." Just then he remembered that Sampaati had seen Sita in a garden with his own sharp eyes. He then noticed a secluded park protected by high walls and hurried towards it. He jumped up and sat on the wall of the Asoka Vana and surveyed the beautiful park.

Hanumaan climbed up and sat hidden among the leaves of a tall, spreading tree with a golden platform around its stem. Sitting on a branch and looking below, he beheld a lady seated on that platform; she was beautiful and divinely pure. Dressed  in a soiled upper garment, her face was bathed in tears, and she looked thin for want of food.  She was surrounded by Raakshasis who were guarding her as a prisoner. Hanuman became certain that this must be Sita and his belief was confirmed when Ravana entered the park with his retinue, came directly to Sita and tried sweet words to persuade her to marry him.

When Raavana had finished speaking, Sita plucked a little blade of grass and, placing it between them, laughed in contempt and gently spoke: "Raavana, it is improper for you to desire me. Turn your heart to your wives. Never can I agree to what you say. Think of the family I was born in. Think of the family I was married into. How can you ever hope to persuade me? Do not give room for such foolish and impossible desires and make sorrow for yourself! If you persist, Rama will come and surely destroy you"

Ravana who became angry with her words, finally gave her a stern warning: "O Sita, of the time I had allowed you, two months more remain. Change your mind before they pass. Be my wife and come to my bed. If you refuse, you will be sent to my kitchen and cooked for my meal. Beware!". He then left the park and went to his palace.