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After Ravana's departure, the Raakshasis guarding her tried again to persuade Sita to agree to marry their king. When she rejected their advise, they threatened to kill her and make of her a tasty meal for themselves. Tormented thus, many thoughts crossed Sita's mind: " Has Rama himself died because of separation from me; has he stopped loving me and therefore, is not continuing the search?" She rejected such suggestions.as unworthy of her; but her mind wandered from one sad thought to another and sank ever deeper in the sea of sorrow. She decided that it was best to end her life by hanging herself with her long braid of hair round her neck and jump down from a branch of the Simsupa tree.

"When the Rakshasi guards were deciding to go to Ravana and report their failure to convince Sita, a good one among them named Trijata told them of a dream she had the previous day: "I saw in my dream Rama, shining like a sun, come to Lanka to find Sita. I saw Ravana and all the soldiers being dragged away by Yama  I saw Raama mounting Sita on his elephant and carrying her home. ."  Trijata warned them: "Don't persecute this saintly woman." As Sita was hearing these words, she felt her left eye-lids, left arm and left foot throbbed auspiciously. Her mind suddenly became filled with positive thoughts of Rama coming to save her.

Hanuman who was witnessing all this thought: "I must approach Sita in such a way that she does not get doubts about my good faith. Well, I shall recite in a sweet low tone, and for her hearing only, the story and virtues of Rama. Her heart would then be filled with joy and trust, displacing suspicion."  Still hidden by the branches of the tree, he then began to utter in a low voice, the sweet words, "Rama," "Rama." He sang in a sweet and gentle voice the story of Raama so that it fell on Seeta's ears. At the end, he said: "I crossed the sea  and have come here. And now I see one whose form, complexion and qualities are those described to me by Rama himself."

Sita could not believe hearing such sweet words. She looked up and saw a little monkey; she wondered if it was all an illusion created by Ravana. But after some time she told herself: "This is no dream. All this is real. Oh Gods! Could this indeed be a messenger from my dear Lord Rama?" Then Hanumaan slowly descended to the ground and stood before her, palms joined and head bent in salutation. Sita narrated to him the story of her life and said: "Only two more months are left for me to live. If Rama does not rescue me by then, I shall surely die."

When Hanumaan took a step towards her, Sita again grew suspicious and afraid; but she got over this and told Hanuman: "O Vaanara! Are you indeed a messenger sent by Raama? May God bless you. Tell me more concerning Raama. Let my ears hear and my heart rejoice." 

Hanuman again narrated to her how he had met Rama and how Sugreeva was helped to become king and how Rama was waiting near the sea-shore awaiting the good news of the finding of Sita.  At the end of the narration he placed in her hand Raama's signet ring that he had brought.  Seeta received the ring and pressed it to her eyes with joy. Now all fear of Raavana's deceit and Raakshasa magic was over. She had complete faith in Hanumaan and infinite affection for him.

She then spoke to him: "Dear Vaanara friend, when will he destroy Lanka and Raavana and the other Raakshasas? All this must take place within the two months' time still left. Please explain this to my lord.

Hanuman offered to carry her on his back and take her to Sri Rama, but Sita told him that Rama should himself come and deliver her from Ravana's prison. Hanuman agreed but requested her to give him some proof which he can show to Rama that he had in fact met Sita. After narrating some personal events in her life which only she and Rama knew, Sita told him : "Here is the jewel given by my mother at my wedding and fixed on my forehead by the late Emperor.  Take it and give it to my husband as a sign from me." When Hanumaan had the jewel in his hand, pride and joy filled his mind. He assured Sita: "Lay aside your sorrow, dear princess. Rama, Lakshmana and the Vaanara army will descend on Lanka destroy the Raakshasas and redeem you. Have no doubt."