Hanuman in Ravana's Court   

Forgetting the pain and insults he had borne, angry Hanumaan gazed with curiosity and pitying admiration at Ravana. Dressed in silk of golden hue, with the royal crown on his head, the jewels inlaid in it shining brilliantly, Raavana sat there, a figure of dazzling splendour.  His dark body, lit up by the marks of royalty, looked like a great radiant hill. "Alas!" thought Hanuman full of anger, wonder and pity, "if only this great one had not moved away from the path of dharma, not even Indra could equal him. What a form, what radiance, what strength! Thinking himself to be super-powerful because of the boon he had secured, he lost his head,  took to wicked ways and is going to lose his life at the hands of Lord Rama."

Hanuman grew his tail long and coiling it to make a seat higher than that of Ravana, he sat upon it Answering questions by Ravana's ministers and facing Ravana directly, Hanuman said: "Neither Indra, nor Kubera has sent me here.  I have come here as the messenger of my king Sugreeva who looks on you as a brother and sends you his greetings. Ramachandra, the famous son of king Dasaratha of Ayodhya, has become a friend of Sugreeva; slaying Vaali, he has made Sugreeva king.

When Ramachandra  was living in the Dandaka forest to fulfil his father's word, his wife Sita who had been left alone for a while was lost. At the request of Ramachandra, Sugreeva has sent his soldiers to look for her throughout the world. I came to Lanka on this search and found princess Sita in the Ashoka Vana garden as a prisoner surrounded by your guards. 

"O King of the Rakshasaas, I speak to you with the respect due from the messenger of a brother king. I speak to you also as a devoted servant of Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya. You know very well that it was a cowardly act on your part, totally contrary to dharma, to have carried off  princess Sita in a deceitful manner when her husband was away and she was unprotected. This action is certain to result in the destruction of you and your people if you persist in your wicked folly." In a loud and clear voice Hanuman further sternly warned Ravana:

"Restore Sita to Prince Rama and seek his forgiveness. Understand that death has come to you in the form of Sita. Do not mistake poison for food. It is not wisdom to oppose dharma and run into deadly danger. You know well enough that the sin of desiring another's wife will exhaust all the merit you have earned through penance and destroy you completely. Do not make Rama your enemy and bring about your own destruction. The boons you have secured will not protect you against Rama. Consider well and realise the danger you are in. Pay heed to the words of this humble messenger of the Vaanara king Sugreeva. Turn to the right path and find safety. Your only recourse now is to seek Rama's forgiveness. These words from a brother king through me are true, intended for your welfare."

When Ravana heard these words, his eyes grew red with great anger, and he immediately ordered that Hanumaan should be killed.  But his brother Vibheeshana pointed out that it would be improper to kill a king's messenger.

Ravana agreed. "Very well," he said, "he must be punished for his acts of destruction and killing. A monkey's great pride is his tail. Set fire to it, flog him soundly and turn him out." The servants wrapped Hanuman's tail in rags of all kinds. They soaked them in oil and set it ablaze like a huge flaming torch. Thus bound by ropes and with tail ablaze, Hanuman was taken through the streets of Lanka.