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In Lanka, Ravana called a council for consultation. Many spoke flattering words. Only two spoke harshly.

One said: "You have committed a fault. But I will give up my life for you." This was Kumbhakarna, brother of Ravana; he stayed and fought for Ravana..

The other brother, Vibheeshana, said: "You have committed a sin, but there is still time for repentance and escape from consequences. If you take this right and wise course, we shall all escape destruction and live happily. Restore Seeta and seek pardon of Raama. At least now restore Seeta and be happy. Raama will surely forgive you, Take the way of dharma." 

But Raavana would not listen and called him ungrateful and a traitor. "Then our ways part and I leave you," said the wise Vibheeshana and left to join Rama.