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 The Vaanara chieftains standing on the seashore saw all of a sudden the sky lit up with a golden glow; in the brightness could be distinguished the forms of five big Raakshasas. Sugreeva, the king and commander of the Vaanaras, looking at them said: "There is no doubt these are Raakshasas come from Lanka with hostile designs." Vibheeshana, hearing these words of the Vaanaras, showed no signs of fear but from above with calm courage spoke out in a clear voice:

"Vibheeshana stands here before you, the brother of Raavana, the wicked king of the Raakshasas. I am here before you, none other than brother to Raavana, who killed Jataayu and carried off Sita by force and is how keeping her a prisoner in Lanka. In vain I tried to turn him from his wicked designs and advised him to restore Seeta and seek Raama's forgiveness. But Ravana would not agree and insulted me by calling me a traitor.t. Hence I am standing here before you. Renouncing kingdom, wife and children, I seek service and sanctuary at Raama's feet. I pray you, convey this information to Raama."

Hearing this. the wise Hanuman said: "I think that Vibheeshana has come here honestly to seek sanctuary at your feet. And there is nothing strange in his action. He knows Raavana's real weakness. He knows that the lord of Lanka is fated to fall. He knows too that you have slain Vaali and given his kingdom to Sugreeva. Granting that his real motive is to secure for himself the sovereignty of Lanka, there is nothing wrong in it and certainly it is a guarantee that he will be loyal to us. Hence I feel that we should admit him."

Patiently, Raama listened to the various views of the Vaanara chiefs. When at last he heard Hanumaan's words he was filled with joy. Raama, steadfast in his own dharma, found satisfaction in Hanumaan's advice. 

"If a man comes as a friend," said Raama, "how can I reject him? It is against the law of my life. All of you, my friends and helpers, should know this. Once a man surrenders himself, one should overlook all his faults. When one comes to me for refuge, I cannot reject him. This is my dharma. It does not matter if as a result of this I suffer. Even at the cost of life I must do this duty of mine. Never can I deviate from it. In fact, even if Raavana himself came to me for sanctuary, I would accept him without hesitation. How then can I reject his brother who has done me no wrong? Go and fetch Vibheeshana." 

As soon as Vibheeshana's requeste was accepted by Raama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva crowned Vibheeshana king of Lanka and performed the abhisheka with sea water. Vibheeshana pledged unchanging friendship to Raama and Raama in turn gave his word that he would not return to Ayodhya without slaying Raavana.