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The huge monkey army built a bridge across the sea with the floating rocks. 

A squirrel, wishing to help RAMA, got wet in the water, rolled in the sand and shook off the sand to help make the great bridge. 
Pleased by this, Rama, gently stroked it, giving it three beautiful stripes which we see even now on all squirrels!

Rama also wanted to help; he took a rock and threw it into the sea. But, to his shock, it did not float but sank.

Hanuman, who was standing nearby, told him respectfully:
"My Lord! We all chant your name, lift the rock and throw it. It is because of the power of your name (Raama naama bala)
which we chant that we can lift such heavy rocks and they float without sinking". Rama smiled and affectionately embraced Hanuman.