Ramayana in one slokam  (Eka Sloki)

Once upon a time, long ago, Prince Rama went to the forest; he chased the golden  deer, (wife) Sita was kidnapped (by Ravana).
(The bird) Jatayu was killed (fighting to save Sita). (Searching for Sita), Rama talked with Sugreeva, killed (his brother) Vali,
(with his help) crossed the sea. Lanka was burnt, later Ravana and Kumbha karna, were killed. This (in brief) is  Ramayanam.

I created this web-page to narrate the story of Shri Rama to my grand-children and now, am sharing it with all children. 
The illustrations in the individual pages are from the very beautiful web-site:
My web-site is non-commercial. If however there is any objection from the authors, I shall remove the links to the relevant pages.

For the text, I have followed Rajaji's Ramayana as told in  
To facilitate understanding by a child, I have abridged, occasionally modified and added some text of my own. As in the text for Siva's bow, I have included the version in the Thai web-site about Sita lifting the bow playfully and with ease when she was a child.

I have not included philosophical thoughts and morals, since I wanted the narration to remain as the ancient story retold over generations by elders to the children. At each stage in their lives, children as they grow into young persons and adults will invest this story with their own understanding and meaning. When they need explanations, they will ask a parent, relative or teacher or refer to a book and become enlightened in stages. 

Ramayana is the life-story of a God who took birth as a human being, experiencing all the consequent limitations on this earth. It will need a life-time of study and understanding to absorb and benefit from its teachings.

Ramo vigrahavaan dharmah saadhu satya paraakramah
Rama is Dharma personified - a Saadhu and a warrior upholding Truth