Andal Thirukkalyana Vaibhavam

After knowing the Tiruvullam of Andal ,Perumal appered in Azhwar's dream and asked them (Andal and Azhwar) to come to Srirangam and as a followup sent his his entire retinue of kaimkaryaparals to Srivilliputtur They met periyazhwar and said"Our Perumal has asked you to come along with your daughter Soodikodutha Nachiar".Periyazhwar was very happy at this communication of perumal and taking the permission of Vatapatrasayi perumal prepared to leave for Tiruvarangam.Accordingly Andal sat in a decorated palanquin which had bells attached on the sides.After taking leave from Vallabhadevan and Selvanambi Azhwar and Nachiar proceeded for thiruvarangam.Adiyargals accompaniying the group sang along

Andal Vandhal
Azhwar Thirumagalar Vandhal
Soodi kodduthal Vandhal
Suzhambara Kuzhal Kothai Vandhal
Thiruppavai padiya selvi Vandhal

while going towards thiruvarangam while the palanquin reached the banks of river Cauvery ,Andal wished that from this place to the periya kovil she should walk. Knowing Andal's thiruvullam emperuman arranged for Andal's wish and without anybody's knowledge Andal reached Periya kovil and Sri Ranganathar's Sannidhi.

The palanquin bearers suddenly felt the palanquin become weightless and reported this to periyazhwar.Immediatly periyazhwar went towards the palanquin and noticed that Andal was not there in the Palanquin.Azhwar became very distressed and immediatly went to Azhagiya Manavalan's shrine and with tears in his eyes prayed to Ranganatha perumal to show him the whereabouts of his daughter

Emperuman Ranganathar replied "O dear Azhwar you beloved daughter is here". Seeing Andal Periyazhwar was extremely happy

kumarimaNamseydhukoNdu kOlamseydhu_illaththiruththi
thamarumpiRarum_aRiyath thaamOdharaRkenRusaaRRi
amarar_padhiyudaiththEvi arasaaNiyai vazhipattu
thumilamezhappaRaikottith thOraNamn^aattidungolO

Periyazhwar thirumozhi 3.8.3

and with this composition prayed to rangamannar"O emperuman you must come to Srivilliputtur and in the presence of all Bhagavathas, devotees and others you must take the hand of Kothai so that we all can witness the great spectacle and be blessed therein".Emperuman Rangamannar replied "As per your wish I shall come to Srivilliputtur to win over Kothai on the day of panguni Uttaram.Now you may proceed to Srivilliputtur alongwith Kothai"

Periyazhwar and kothai after taking the leave of Azhagiya Manavalan started for Srivilliputtur.They visited and offered prayers at the Divya Desams on the way.At Srivilliputtur the Bhagavathas welcomed them .Periyazhwar and Andal after stopping at the Vatapatrasayi temple and offering their prayers went to their Tirumaligai.

Panguni Uttaram-Brahma ,Rudran,devas,gandharvas,kinnars and other Vaikunta Vasis gathered over Srivilliputtur to witness the Divine Marriage of Andal and Emperuman at Srivilliputtur on that day. Periyazhwar came along with kothai and offered her daugheter's hand to Ranganathar.The Divine Marriage of Andal and Rangamannar was celebrated in a grand manner at Srivilliputtur.

Witnessing the Thirukkalyana mahotsava Vaibhavam all were overjoyed, the devas composed stotrams on this Occassion.After the ceremonies the Sumangalis sang the mangalam and took the Aarathi.Then Emperuman mounted the elephant and brahma and other devas accompanied him for a procession around Srivilliputtur

Before departing Emperuman met Periyazhwar and said "Like Samudrarajan,You have become my Father in law".Periyazhwar made a Prarthanai "I pray that you must always be present in Srivilliputtur alongwith your piriya nayaki (sweetheart) Andal in nitya Thirukkalyana Kolam".Emperuman replied "so be it". Acoordingly even today at Srivilliputtur Ranganatha Perumal appers as Rangamannar with a "senkol" in his hand along with his piriya Nayaki Andal and his mamanar Garudazhwar.