Andal imagined her birthplace as Thiruvayarpaadi,the women at srivilliputtur as gopi's ,Vatapatrasayi kovil as Nandagopan's house and Vatapatrasayi as kannan and in performing the nonbu gave us the essence of the Vedas the Thiruppavai. Thiruppavai the collection of 30 hymns considered as the necklace among the prabhandams is the yearning for eternal service to god with the total and unconditional surrender to GOD.The maximum number of discourses taking place today among the prabhandams is for Tiruppavai which has been translated into all major languages and is known by millions around the world.There is a lot of literature available from the Internet and the Bhakti Archives on thiruppavai and so just a mention of a few of the sites among the many available is being made here

Another site for Thiruppavai
Thiruppavai commentary from Srivaishnava Baharin Site
Listen to the Thiruppavai pasurams rendered by Smt R.Vedavalli from the site

listen to Thiruppavai and Nachiar Thirumozhi Audio from the srivaishnava Baharin Site

Listen tothe Swami Alavandar's Goda Chatussloki and ,andSwami Desikan's Goda Stuti from the from the website

Nachiar Thirumozhi

Nachiar Tirumozhi is a string of 14 thirumozhis totalling to a set of 143 verses In her restlessness and eagerness to join with Kannan Sri Andal attempts various methods by which she can attain union with Kannan which forms the major part of Nachiyar Thirumozhi.Among the Thirumozhis VAARANAMAIYIRAM is very well known and has a special significance .It details Andal's Narration of her dream of being married with kannan to her thozhi's(friends). You can read an excellent overview and summary alongwith Vyakyanams of our Poorvacharayas of the first 10 patthus of nAcciyAr tirumozhi here by Smt Kalyani Krishnamachari.


Thiruppavai Vyakyanams

6000 padi- Azhagiya perumal Nayanar
3000 padi- Periyavachaan Pillai
2000 padi- Jananacharya
Sri Nanjiyar has also given a vyakyanam for Thiruppavai

When Sri Ramanujacharya was asked to give a vyakyanam for thiruppavai he said "Ayarpadi Siruvargal pesavendum adhilum pengal pesavendum.Aval pesi aval kodukkum Vishayam"

Other vyakyanam and works on Sri Andal by Acharyas

Thiruppavai Thanian-Uyyakondar disciple of Nathamunigal
Thiruppavai Tanian(sanskrit) -Bhattar
Vyakyanam for Thiruppavai thanian (sanskrit)-Pillai Lokacharya
Nachiar thirumozhi thanian-ThirukannamangaiAndan another disciple of Nathamunigal
Tanian on Nachiyar Tirumozhi-First Vanamamalai jeeyar swami(Disciple of Swami Manavala Mamunigal)

Goda Chatussloki- Anantazhwan disciple of Sri Ramanujacharya
Goda stuti-Swami Vedanta Desikan
Mangalasasanams-Swami Manavala Mamuni (3 mangalasasanams from Upadesa Rathina Maalai)