In the sixth paasuram , Swami Desikan compared the dhivya svarUpam and the anantha KalyANa GuNams of ANDAL with the six rivers . In the seventh slOkam, He hints at the reason why Adhi Kavi Valmiki's speech in Srimath RaamAyaNam is sweet and elaborates on the sambhandham between Godhai and Sage VaalmIki.

SlOkam 7:

ValmIkatha: sravaNathO VasudhAthmanasthE
jaathO bhabhUva sa muni: Kavi saarvabhouma:
GodhE kimadhbhutham idham yadhamI svadhanthE
VakthrAravindha makarandha nibhA: prabhandhA:

(Meaning): Oh GodhE ! Vedams declare that the ant hills are the ear of BhUmi pirAtti . Since You are the amsam of BhUmi Devi , the anthills are also Your ears. The sage , who originated from those anthills is Adhi Kavi VaalmIki. He is saluted as the foremost among poets because of his creation of the immaculate ithihAsam , Srimath RaamAyaNam . Is it any wonder therfore that the Sri Sookthis that arose from Your sacred mouth being like the divine nectar in their enjoyability ?

Here Swamy Desikan salutes those , who have the sambhandham with Her.One such sambhandhi is Adhi Kavi VaalmIki.The first two lines recognizes the relationship between the Adhi Kavi, who arose out of the ears of BhUmi Devi ( the ant Hills) and Godhai , who is VasudhAthmanA . Swamy says that " Valmikatha: SravaNayO : VasudhAthmaNasthE Jaatho sa muni: " That Muni born out of the anthills, which are Your ears as the amsam of Vasudhai (Bhumi Devi) is the meaning of this passage ." Valmikatha: Jaatha: sa Muni: Kavi Saarvabhouma: BhabhUva" . Swamy Desikan points out that sage arising from the ant hills became the supreme poet and created Srimath RaamAyanam.

In the second paadham of this slOkam explains the reasons for Sage Valmiki becoming a supreme poet because of his relationship with Godhai as the amsam of BhU Devi and pays tribute to the matchless sweetness of Godhai's own prabhandhams.

Swami says that Sage ValmIki rose out of the ears of Godhai . If that were to be the reason for his IthihAsam to be so sweet to enjoy , Swamy asks what would be the status of the Prabhandhams that arose out of the lotus face of Godhai and answers it:

" kimadhbhutham idham yadh-amI svadanthE
VakthrAravindha makarantha nibhA: prabhndhA: "

Swamy Desikan answers his own question and says it is no wonder that the Prabhandhams that arose out of the lotus face of Godhai are very sweet and delectable.

Slokam 8 :

AzhwAr's imitation of GodhA

bhokthum tava priyatamam bhavatheeva gOdhE
bhakthim nijAm praNaya BhavanayA gruNantha : I
ucchavachai : viraha sangamajai : udanthai :
srungArayanthi hrudhayam gurava: tvadheeyA : II

(Meaning ) : O GodhA dEvi ! Your elders like Your father wanted to enjoy the Lord , who is very dear to You , just as You did .In this context , their hearts were fileld with SringAra Bhavam ( love sentiments ) and they enhanced their true Bhakthi for the Lord through conversations with Him , which reflected their moods of bliss , while united with Him and intense sorrow , when separated from Him .

(Comments ) : O GodhE ! You by birth are a woman and as such it was NATURAL for You to relate to and enjoy the Lord as a Man . Your elders like Your father had intense desire to enjoy the Lord as their lover , just as YOU did . It was however not easy for them , since they were born as males . They thought of a trick to overcome this limitation . They dressed as women , gave themselves the names such as ParakAla Naayaki and ParAnkusa Naayaki and enhanced their love for the Lord through expresion of the Samslesham--Vislesham sentiments in their Paasurams. The mood of sorrow from their separation with the Lord , " their consort " and elation on union with Him as " their husband " came out in their thoothu vidal and Madaloorthal acts. They sent birds and bees as messengers to the Lord for appraising Him of their sufferings and to beg Him to come to their side . They threatened to embarass Him by publicly exhibiting themselves as abnadoned women . Such acts were impressive anbd yet did not ring as true as in Your case , because You were born as a woman and Your sentiments of relating to the Lord as a Purushan were much more realistic and thus rang true .

SlOkam 9:

In this slOkam , Swamy Desikan salutes Godhai as Lakshmi Sahajai or the One who is a sibling of Periya PirAtti.

Maatha: SamuthtithavathIm adhivishNu chittham
visvOpjeevyamamrutham vachasA dhuhAnAm
taapacchidham himaruchEriva moorthymanyAm
sathna: payOdhi Duhithu: sahajAm vidhusthvAm

(meaning): Oh Mother GodhE! You are like the other form of Chandran . Vedams declare that Chandran was born out of the mind of VishNu( Chandramaa ManasO Jaatha:). You incarnated as the darling daughter of PeriyAzhwAr (VishNu Chitthar).Chandran delights the heart of every one through His cool rays. You uplift the people of the world independent of their status through the nectar of Your dhivya Prabhandhams and Your dhivya svarUpam .The learned souls recognize Your similarities to Chandran and comprehend You as the sibling (Koodap PiRanthavaL) of Periya PirAtti, who arose out of the milky Ocean. You are recognized as Lakshmi Sahajai just as Chandran is a Lakshmi Sahajan for having born out of the very same milky ocean.

" AdhivishNuchittham SamutthathivathIm " are the words chosen by Swamy Desikan. He thus indicates that Godhai was born out of the Sankalpam of the Lord (VishNuchittham ) as a daughter of AdhivishNuchitthar. SevA Swamigal points out that the amrutha Sahajai aspects of Godhai . During Periya PirAtti's vivAha MahOthsavam , nectar was distributed to the DevAs and became DevOpajeevyam. Amrutha Sahajai Godhai distributed the nectar of Her prabhandhams for the upliftment (ujjevanam) of the world (visvOpajeevyam) .

Like the cow yields from its full udder the milk for its calf , Godhai blesses us with the nectar , which removes the samsAric ThApams .This act of blessing has been described by Swami Desikan as amrutha- duhAnam ( Surappathu in Tamil or to yield milk/nectar). She is Lakshmi Sahajai and thus distributes nectar also but in a different way. MahA Lakshmi is PayOdhi Duhithu : or the daughter of milky ocean .VishNu thus becomes the payOdhi Duhithu: pathi . That VishNu's sankalpam was behind Godhai's avathAram as the daughter of VishNucchitthaa .Both Chandran and GOdhai have the common trait that they were born from the mind of VishNu (VishNuchittham). MahA Lakshmi and Godhai have the saamyam of blessing DevAsand people of the world respectively with nectar. This is their common glory. Thus Godhai becomes amrutha sahajai as well as Lakshmi Sahajai.

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