Decad 2.7 : pUcchUttal Paasurams

by Sri V.Sadagopan

In his Periya Thirumozhi 2.4 decad , PeriyAzhwAr pleaded with Bala KrishNan to come and have his fragrant bath . He obliged and had a wonderful bath organized by YasOdhA with great affection and love.

After that , YasOdha wanted to brush the Lord's beautiful curly black tresses. KrishNan was restless and wanted to escape to play with His friends . YasOdha came up with a trick to make Him stand still , while she combed His hair. She distracted Him by calling for the crow to join with her to comb the Lord's hair . In the ten paasurams of decad 2.5 , she engaged the attention of the restless son of hers . Combing was completed .

YasOdhA wanted thereafter to decorate the freshly combed tresses of the Lord with fresh and fragrant flowers . The restless son looked out of the window and saw His playmates getting ready to take the cattle to their grazing places . KrishNA was in a big hurry to join His playmates on their trip to the forest . He asked His mother for the shepherd's crook (stick ) . YasodhA once again tricked Him to keep Him at home to enjoy His company . She said " O my son ! The Crow that came to help me comb Your hair has run off with Your crook . Let me call it back and ask it to bring back Your crook . KrishNan is persuaded to wait until the crow brought the stick .

After her cheating game went on , YasOdhA invited KrishNA to stay still so that she can enjoy decorating her Lord's shiny black hair with many kinds of fresh flowers . In decad 2.7 known as pUcchUttal , PeriyAzhwAr transforms himself into the fortunate mother , YasOdhA , and enjoys the experience of touching the silky hair of the Lord and decorating it with Jasmine , red lilly , Hibiscus and other beautiful flowers .

Decad 2.7 : pUcchUttal Paasurams

Paasuram 1 : Aanirai mEykka ----

O great helper, who is sweeter than honey and jaggery ! The people of this world do not realize Your grace (anugraham ) is the sole curing medicine for destroying the disease of Samsaram and the elixir as well for the enjoyment of the nithya sUris in Sri Vaikuntam . My neighbors make fun of You for drinking fresh milk stored in their pots right out of them and yet they are delighted that You blesed them with Your visit to their houses . O the most beautiful one ( SukumArA ) , You are ready to run off and follow the cattle in the forest through the rough and tumble and are going to be exposed to the harsh rays of the mid-day Sun . Let me first decorate first Your hair with freshly picked CheNpakA flowers . Please come here and stand still until I complete the decoration .

Paasuram 2 : Karuvudai MehangaL--( Jasmine flowers and Sri Ranganathan )

O my beautiful one ! When I enjoy Your unsurpasable beauty with my eyes , they become cool as if I am looking at the water-laden rainy clouds . O Lord with the incomparable beauty of eyes ! O my Swami who redeemed this world with auspiciousness through Your incarnation ! O the auspicious principle behind your consort , who is the embodiment of all auspicousness ( MangaLAnAM MangaLam , Thiruvukkum ThiruvAhiya selvA ) ! You are resting at Sri Rangam in response to Your dear consort, MahA Lakshmi's prayer to rescue the samsAris of this world ( LeelA VibhUthi ) . Please come near and wear the jasmine flowers of everlasting fragrance .

Paasuram 3 : Macchodu MaaLigai Yeri--( Paathiri flower & ThiruvEnakatamudayAN )

O GovindhA who stands on top of the lofty peak of Thirumalai ! O my dear one , who engages daily in so many pranks such as climbing the upper stories of neighbor's mansions and tearing to shreds the upper garments( kacchu) and gold borderd , silk sarees of young girls stored in the women's quarters ! Please come here and permit me to decorate Your freshly combed hair with the ever green Maruk kozhunthu and the red paathiri flowers .

Paasuram 4 : Theruvin kaNN ninRu -----

( KaNNan responded to His mother's complaint about entering other people's houses and tearing up the garments of young girls. He said that he was never there , but was standing in the corner of the street playing with his friends . How come You accuse me falsely was the response of the" innocent One " ? This paasuram is YasOdhA's response to her son " not pleading guilty " ) .
O my precious one ! It is at these street corners , You chase the girls and make them suffer with Your pranks . Please do not kick and destroy their sand castles constructed during their play hours. Please do not deprive them of their toys and cease teasing them . O ParipUrNa Sundara RajA ! ( the perfect embodiment of beauty) noted particularly for Your matchless dark brows , enchanting forehead and black wavy tresses of hair ! This garland made up of Maru and Tamanakam is rich with fragrance . It is waiting to join Your tresses and be blessed by that union . I dearly long to decorate You with this garland . Please come here !

Paasuram 5: KaLLa arakkiyai --

O Powerful One , who tore apart the beaks of the asuran ( BakAsuran ) , who lay in wait for You to kill You at the banks of YamunA river ! O victorious One , who pulled out the tusks of the royal elephant of Kamsan and killed it during the occasion of the sports at the court of the deceitful uncle , Kamsan , who wanted to see You destroyd by his mighty elephant ! O Just One, who cut off the nose of the insulting SoorpaNakA and the heads of her brother RavaNA , when they offended You with their evil acts ! O my Lord , What a terrible injustice have I done . While waiting to see You enjoy eating the stolen butter, I was overcome with anger at Your brazen act and hit You . Fie me ! After hitting You and suffering for my rash act , I wanted to protect You from slander through Your engagement in similar butter stealing pranks in other people's houses. I want now to make up for my rash act and with overflowing affection for You , I am holding this lovely garland made up of red lilly flowers . Please do not be angry at me , come near and wear this special garland on Your tresses .

Paasuram 6 : YeruthukaLOdu poruthi ---

O Lord who did not pay heed to the softness of Your limbs while You were intensely involved in gaining the hand of Nappinnai through Your subjugation of the seven mighty bulls ! You did not care at that time about what happens to Your limbs or life . O Lord who has been fulfilled though Your matchless love for Nappinnai ! You responded to Your uncle Kamsan's ill deeds and kicked him out of his throne with Your powerful feet .On the way to killing Your uncle , You killed the washerman , who insulted You and took possession of the lovely clothes that he had frshly prepared for Kamsan . You broke the bow of Kamsan , killed his royal elephant and smashed the mighty wrestlers of Kamsan's court , who wanted to harm You . At that time of Your mighty encounters at kamsan's court , Your valor shone like freshly melted gold . I want to join that golden body of Yours with the gold-colored Punnai flowers . Please come near and let me decorate Your tresses with this lovely yellow flowers .

Paasuram 7: KudangaL yedutthu--- AarAvamudhan of Thirukkudanthai and Kurukkatthi flowers

{ when the wealth of the Brahmins increases , they will show their joy by conducting Yaj~nAs for the well being of the universe and its beings . When the wealth of the shepherds increases , then they celebrate that blessing with " pot -dance (kudak kUtthu ) " . They place earthern pots on their head , hands and shoulders and dance with skillful steps without dropping the pots . This is a celebratory event ) .

O Lord who made the cowherd colony be blessed with undiminishing wealth through Your association with them ! You placed a row of pots on Your head , held one pot in each of Your hands and threw them up in the air and caught them while engaged in sporting intricate steps . Who can match Your dance that surpassed all the rules of Bharatha Naatyam ?

O Lord of our kulam ! O my son who can enchant all the girls brimming with the beauty of full moon ! O powerful One , who tore apart the mighty chest of HiraNyakasipu " protected " by the boons of lesser Gods ! O GOpAlA resting as ArchA mUrthy at Thirukkudanthai to bless us , who came after Your VibhavAvathAram as KrishNA ! Please come and wear this garland of Kurukkatthi flowers .

Paasuram 8 : SeemAlikan avanodu --Sri Ranganathan and IruvAtchi flowers

( Sri Maalikan was a boyhood friend of KrishNan and learned the handling of all kinds of weapons as a play mate.He became arrogant over his skills in the use of weapons and caused harm to people . KrishNA was angry at him and at the same time did not wish to kill his friend . One day Sri Maalikan complained to his friend that He had not taught him how to handle the chakrAyudham . KrishNa replied that it is a tricky business and He Himself is not sure some times about how to handle that particular weapon .

Sri maalikan insisted however on being taught the use of Sudarsanam . The Lord decided then that it was the most appropriate occasion to punish his friend for his erstwhile offenses . KrishNan threw the chakram in the air and received it back with one finger and warned His friend about the inherent dangers in handling that powerful weapon . Sri Maalikan did not heed the warning , threw the rotating chakram into the air and got ready to receive it on his finger just like his friend demonstrated. He held however his finger too close to his neck .The returning Sudarsanam landed on his finger, but cut off his head that was too close to the receiving finger . PeriyAzhwAr recalls here , the deft way in which the Lord protected His asritha janams and punished the offenders ) .

O Lord who taught a lesson to the offending friend , Sri Maalikan ! You cut off His head with Your chakram . O Lord resting at the beautiful temple at Srirangam and engaged in the bhaktha samrakshaNam and dushta nigraham ( protection of Your devotees and the destruction of their enemies ) ! You chose the great kshEthram of Srirangam , where the righteous people live . With that choice of Srirangam as Your place of residence , You allayed my anxieties over any harm coming Your way . Please come and wear this freshly blossomed IruvAtchi flowers and make me happy !

Paasuram 9 : Karumuhaip pushpam and Vatapathra Saayeee of Sri VillipputthUr

O Lord seated in splendorous Sri VaikunTam in the company of NithyasUris and Muktha Jeevans ! O Emperor , who rules over all the worlds ! O dear One who prefers the hearts of Your devotees as even a better place for Your eternal residence compared to the glorious Sri VaikunTam ! O Lord of MahA Lakshmi seated on the Lotus flower ! O MaayAvi who hid the Universes in Your tiny stomach and floated on the waters of the ultimate deluge ( PraLayam ) as a little baby resting on a pupil leaf ! Please come near me and make me happy by accepting this KarumuhaippU garland for Your dark tresses .

Paasuram 10 : SeNpaka MallihaOdu --

O Lord I have assembled the SeNpaka flower that blossoms at early dawn , the others that blossom after sunrise ( Senkazhu neer and IruvAtcchi et al ) and the Jasmine flowers that blossom in the evening . I have assembled all these flowers prescribed by saasthrAs for Your alankAram . I am desirous of decorating You , who took away the earth and the sky from MahA Bali through a ruse during Your incarnation as VaamanA and triviktramA .

I would like to enjoy the bliss of Your mother YasOdhA Piratti at AayarpAdi, when she decorated Your beautiful hair . The fruits of reciting these ten verses of mine --celebrating the anubhavam of YasOdhA decorating her son's tresses with beautiful flowers-- are the gaining of the blissful experience ( RasAnubhavam ) of the blessed foster-Mother of our Lord GOpAlan .