Periyazhwar Parathva Nirnayam

Parathva Nirnayam

Once Vallabhadevan the king of Pandya Kingdom wanted to know about the supreme One and upon the counsel of his minister Selvanambi proposed a contest to determine the Supreme One.So there was an announcement in the kingdom"The king is holding a contest to determine the Supreme One.One who would be able to correctly interpret the Vedas and prove the Supreme One would be rewarded suitably"

That night the Lord appeared in Vishnuchittar's dream and said"Vishnuchittar You go and participate in the contest".Vishnuchittar said "That is for the Pandits and Vidwans who know the Sastras thoroughly .I do not have that kind of understanding of the Vedas and sastras to prove your supremacy.Apart from doing kaimkaryam to you i do not know anything else"These hands have been used to dig up soil , plant shrubs and tend to the flowers,not for any detailed comprehension of the Vedas and sastras.Morover in front of the established mayavadis ,how will i establish your supremacy".The Lord replied "Do not worry about all this.I will be with you all the time. Go to Madurai and establish my supremacy in the court of the pandya king,Vallabhadevan"

The king came to know about the greatness of Vishnuchittar from his minister Selvanambi.As Vishnuchittar got down from his palanquin the king was impressed by his tejas and welcomed Vishnuchittar by washing his feet and honoured him.The learned Vidwans representing different philosophies and religions who were already present there were enraged and said"To honour a simple devotee like him in front of an assembly of learned Vidwans who are experts in Vedas and other sastras is a great insult to us".Ignoring them Selvanambi prayed to Periyazhwar"please expound the glory of the supreme one who is the source and substance of all Vedas" As Vishnuchittar closed his eyes and meditated on the lord ,all knowledge was revealed to him through the Lord's grace.

Periyazhwar while expounding the supremacy of Bhagavan quoted extensively from Vedas,Smriti,Iihasam.Puranam and other pramanams(Pala-aiyira Veda Varthaigal) and CONCLUSIVELY proved the supremacy of Bhagavan Sriman Narayana as the supreme one for all times to come in such a manner that the entire audience(most of them mayavadis and other supposedly highly learned pundits who never believed in the supremacy of Sriman Narayana) were Totally convinced about the supremacy of Sriman Narayana Some of the points highlighted by Periyazhwar in his urai were

After the URAI all the Vidwans ,ministers and the king Vallabhadevan washed the feet of periyazhwar and paid respects.The king of Pandya kingdom Vallabhadevan welcomed Vishnuchittar with the following words"Meyyidayar Vndhar",'Villiputtur Vedakkon Vandhar" and made him mount his Royal Elephant.The Vidwans declared Vishnuchittar as their leader and gave the azhwar a title "Bhattarpiraan".Accosting Vishnuchittar with an umbrella and other accessories like fans,chamars etc the azhwar was taken around the streets of Madurai City