SrI ANDAL arulic ceyda nAcciyAr tirumozhi

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Sri Andal

nAcciyAr tirumozhi taniangal

Two taniyans have been ascribed to nAcciyAr tirumozhi. After a brief explanation of the taniyans, we will explore the 143 pasurams in nAcciyAr tirumozhi, wherein the young heart of gOdAi pours out the love for the Lord in so many different words and styles. At the end of it all, we will summarize the various managaLASasanams done for ANDAL by different AcAryAs.

nAcciyAr tirumozhi - taniyan 1

tirukkaNNa mangaiyAnDAn's blissful taniyan for ANDAL's nAcciyAr tirumozhi is a great gift for us:

allinAttAmarai mEl AraNangin intuNaivi
malli nAdAnda mada mayil - melliyalAL
Ayar kula vEndanAgattAL ten puduvai
vEyar payanda viLakku

allinAttAmarai mEl AraNangin intuNaivi:

ANDAL is the closest friend (priya sakhi) of SrI mahAlakshmI, who gives sEvai as kanakapadmAsani on fresh-bloomed lotus in the forest of red lotuses with beautiful petals. svAmi dESikan prays to SrI mahAlakshmI (in SrI stuti), as She is seated on a golden lotus, which is amidst a forest of lotuses (sthAnam yasyA: sarasijavanam).

As ramAdevI's dearest friend, ANDAL stands by the side of emperumAn, joins forces with SrI dEvI (Aranangin tuNaivi) and both of them take turns to plead with emperumAn to salvage the sinners and save them. Like the drum which gets beaten on both sides, perumAL is stuck between SrIdevI on one side and bhUdevI on the other; when SrIdevI tries to plead with Him on behalf of her sinning children, He tries to turn His face away and what does He see? bhUdevI trying to continue the pleading!

malli nADAnDa maDa mayil:

ANDAL is like a female peacock who reigned supreme over the mallinADu - land that surrounds SrI villiputtUr.


ANDAL is "melliyalAL" - she is very soft-hearted; even though, as Her children, we commit a lot of sins, being patient as bhUdEvi and forgiving as kamalA (SrIdEvI), She ignores our faults and gives Her hand to save us. The reason why SrI svAmi dESikan says (in gOdAstuti): "sAkshAt kshamAm kAruNayA kamalAmivAnyAm gOdAm ananya SaraNa: SaraNam prapadyE" is that he is following tirukkaNNa mangaiyAnDAn's mArgam.

Ayar kula vEndanAgattAL:

"petram mEyttuNNum kulattil" piranda ANDAL became one with rAjagOpAlan, who was also the king of Ayar kulam.

ten puduvai vEyar payanda viLakku:

SrI tirukkaNNa mangaiyAnDAn states next that ANDAL is the mangaLa jyoti (auspicious lamp) that SrI vishNu cittar of SrI villiputtUr had. "ooRRamudaiyAi periyAi ulaginil tORRamAi ninRa cuDare" - ANDAL calls her nAthan thus. She prays to kAmadEvan "vittagan vEnkata vANan ennum, viLakkinil puga ennai vidikkiRRiyE" and through Her SrI sUktams, ANDAL merges into "vEnkata vANan ennum viLakku" (the lamp that is Lord vEnkatEsvaran), and shines brilliantly as a double jyoti.

nAcciyAr tirumozhi - taniyan 2

kOlasuri Sangai mAyan sevvAyin guNam vinavum
seelattinaL ten tirumalli nAdi, sezhunguzhal mel
mAlait toDai ten arangarukkeeyum madippuDaiya
sOlaikkiLi, avaL tooya naRpAdam tuNai namakke

(composed by First vAnamAmalai svAmi)

This taniyan states emphatically that only the sacred feet of ANDAL, whose sweet words resemble those of a garden parrot, and who brought greatness to the vEyar kulam of periyAzhwAr, are the refuge for us (today, tomorrow and for ever).

What kind of "sOlaikkiLi" (garden parrot) is She? The author of the taniyan explains: She is "kOlasuri Sangai mAyan sevvAyin guNam vinavum seelattinaL". (As we shall see soon under the pAsuram "karuppUram nARumO"), She is trying to find out the first-hand experience of (something that She is not blessed with, yet) the exquisite conch, pAncajanyam, and asks:

"Oh! pAncajanya AzhvAre! You are happily seated in the hand of vaDamaduraiyAr mannan vAsudEvan, you are constantly enjoying bhaghavAn's beautiful lips. Oh! kOlapperum sangaraiyA! You get to enjoy sengaNmAl's vAi tIrTTam (saliva in His mouth) when He blows you; How do His beautiful, coral-like lips taste like? Do they smell like pacchai kaRpURam (edible camphor)? Or, do they smell like the beautiful, red lotus? Do they taste like kaRkaNdu (rock candy)?"

She is also "ten tirumalli nAdi, sezhunguzhal mel mAlait toDai ten arangarukkeeyum madippuDaiya sOlaikkiLi". She is the queen of tirumalli nAdu (land surrounding SrI villiputtUr); She decorated Her long, thick hair with kadamba mAlai (garland) and presented it to azhagiya maNavALan (arangan).

madippuDaiya sOlaikkiLi:

It is interesting to note that piLLai lOkam jIyar in his "taniyan vyAkyAnam" for nAcciyAr tirumozhi tries to establish Godai as a kiLi (parrot) in so many ways: "periyAzhvAr tirumagaLennum madippuDaiya kiLi" - the parrot who had the honor of being periyAzhvAr's esteemed daughter; "AzhvAr Asramattil kiLi" - a parrot in AzhvAr's Asramam; "periyAzhvAr tEnum pAlum amuDumAya tirumAl tirunAmattAlE vaLarttu eDutta kiLi" - the kiLi who was brought up by periyAzhvAr with the Lord's tirunAmam which is sweet like honey, milk and nectar; "vaLarttu eDuppArkkum kAlilE vaNanga vENdum padiyAna kiLi" - the kiLi, who exceeded Her father and thus became even worshipable by him (by becoming the Lord's consort).

ANDAL is considered "nArINAm uttamAvaDhU" (the most noble of all the women), since She declared "mAniDavaRkku enRu pEccuppaDil vAzhgilEn" (I will not live if I am betrothed to a human) and lived Her life with great, divine love for kaNNan; with extreme love for Her Lord, She goes to the extent of praying to kAmadEvan to help Her serve kESava nambhi's tiruvadigaL (feet) and failing in that attempt, tries to the get the help of kuyil (a bird) and sends messages through the clouds, ocean etc. ANDAL's seelam (purity) and pAtivratA mahimai (chastity) are what makes Her the most noble of all women. We will see next, how this great treasure of womenhood, enjoyed and experienced the samslEsham and vislEsham (kooDal and ooDal - sangamam and (false) anger) with Her own Lord, whom She loved with all Her heart.

[It is not the tradition in some temples to recite the above mentioned taniyan

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