Upadesa Rathna Maalai Pasurams on Sri Andal

Translations and meanings by Sri V.Satagopan

The Greatness of the Birthday of ANDAL

inRO ThiruvAdippUram , yemakkaaha-
vanRO ingu ANDAL avatharitthAL , kunratha
vAzhvAna Vaikuntha vaann bhOgam tannai ihazhnthu
AzhwAr ThirumakaLaaraai ........(22)

(Meaning ): Is it n't today the most auspicious AaDippUram ? Is it n't this day , when ANDAL left behind the nithya SrI and the dhivya bhOgams of Sri Vaikuntam to incarnate in this samsAric world as the daughter of PeriyAzhwAr for asmadAdhi's (for samsAris like us) ujeevanam ( salvation )?

Comments:In URM, Sri MM has devoted 3 paasurams for ANDAl. This is the first one. In the first two , he celebrated the avathAra Dinam and in the third one , Sri MM saluted Her glory.

Lord KrishNA gave GithOpadEsam to all of us while using ArjunA as a vyAjam (excuse ). The UpadEsam was in Sanskrit and it was much above the head of many.Hence , the full benefit of that well-meant upadEsam for all was not achieved. To overcome this problem , Bhumi Devi incarnated as Godhai and blessed us with ThiruppAvai in Her own unique Tamizh ( Vedam anaitthukkum VitthAhum Godhai Tamizh )and in a way in which it was easily understood by every one .This She did for the upliftment of all of us suffering with SamsAric afflictions .

Nothing can come close to ANDAL's or Her Thirumiozhi's glories

PeriyAzhwAr peNNpiLayAi ANDAL piRantha
ThiruvAdip Pooratthin seermai , oru nALaikku
UndO manamE uNarnthu paar, ANDALukku
unDAhil oppu itharkkum uNDu ......(23)

(Meaning ):Is there a day , which compares in srEyas and magnificience to the avathAra dinam of Sri ANDAL , who incarnated on this earth as the dear daughter of PeriyAzhwAr ? Oh my mind ! Please reflect on this question . If there is a principle or entity that matches the glory of ANDAL , then there will be another day , which will equal the greatness of ThiruvAdippUram day .

The elaboration of the unmatched glory of ANDAL
anjuk kudikku oru santhathiyAi , AzhwArkal
tanjeyalai vinji niRkum tanmayaLAi , pinjAi
pazhutthALai andaalaip patthiyudam naaLum
VazhutthAi manamE mahizhnthu......(24)

(meaning ): Oh My mind! Please eulogize always with devotion ANDAL , who excelled all the ten AzhwArs in Her deeds and who had such ripened bhagavath-premai and Kaimkarya anubhavam for Her Lord even at a very young age.She is the One , who was born as the only daughter of the five families of the God-fearing AzhwArs .

(Commentary): The three key groups of words in this exquisite paasuram of Sri MM are:
(1) anju kudikku oru santhathiyAi
(2) AzhwaarkaL tamsyalai vinji niRkum tanmayaLAi
(3) PinjAi PazutthALai
(1)The Santhathi of Anju Kudi: There are double meanings here .Anju Kudi is the vamsam (kudi) of BhaagavathAs (AzhwArs here), who are always afraid (anjum ) of any haani (danger) coming the way of our Lord .PeriyAzhwAr performing ThiruppallANDu mangaLAsAsanam out of fear that there may be some kaNN Yecchil ( dhrishti dhOsham ) falling on the Lord , when He presented Himself in public to bless him (PeriyAzhwAr) at Mathurai . ANDAL is the progeny of that anjum kudi is one meaning.

PeriyAzhwAr had four sons already .With ANDAL, the size of the family of PeriyAzhwAr became Four+one =five. That is another meaning for anju kudi.

(2) AzhwArkaL tamseyalai vinji nirkum tanmayaLAi:
All AzhwArs had deep Bhakthi and Jn~Anam about the svarUpa -SvAbhAva visWshams of their Lord, Sriman NaarAyaNA . Two AzhwArs (NammAzhwAr and Thirumangai ) assumed Naayaka-Naayaki BhaVam to express their joy over samslEsham (union) with Him and vislesham ( sorrow ) over separation from Him. Thirumangai AzhwAr went one step ahead and performed madal Oorthal ceremony to shame the Lord to accept her . Swami Desikan refers to their crying out in joy and sorrow through the assumption of feminine roles by NammAzhwAr and Thirumangai in GodhA Sthuthi as :

bhOkthum tava priyatamam bhavathIva GodhE
bhakthim nijAm praNya BhAvanayA gruNantha:
ucchA vachai: viraha sangamajaiudhanthai:
srungArayanthi hrudhayam Gurava: thvadhIya:

Yet , these two AzhwArs and the other eight were MEN and their act of Kaamam for the Lord was not as authentic as that of ANDAL . She is the Lord's consort and Her enjoyment of the Lord as His Devi can not ever be equal to the others , who assumed feminine roles .Her svabhAvam is that of a woman . Her realtionship has to be more natural than that of the ParakAla and ParAnkusa Naayakis in anubhava poorthi .

(3) pinjAi pzhutthALAi : In her fifth year already , she blessed us with ThiruppAvai , where as the AzhwArs took a long ,long time for their Bhakthi to progress to the stages of para Bhakthi, Para Jn~Anam and Parama Bhakthi .She jumped to parama Bhakthi right away instead of the steady ripening of Her Bhakthi thru the other two stages.

Charama Jn~Anam also came to Her much earlier than the other AzhwArs.
For NammAzhwAr , that charama Jn~Anam came at the 10th decade of the 8th centum (NedumARkkadimai decade); for Thirumangai , this charama Jn~Anam dawned at the 7th centum , 4th decade ( ThirucchErai Paasuram: KaNN sOra venkuruthi--). The Bhagavatha Seshathvam Jn~Anam came thus much later to these AzhwArs . For ANDAL however ,this Jn~Anam is captured in the first paasuram of ThiruppAvai : " neerAda pOthuveer pothuminO, ---AaypAdic chelva siRumIrkAL ". No wonder that Bhattar offered his PraNAmam to Her in his Taniyan with a depth of reverence : " GodhA tasyai nama itham itham bhUyEvAsthu bhUya: " to this pinjilE pazhuttha ANDAL .

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