SrI ANDAL arulic ceyda nAcciyAr tirumozhi

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Sri Andal

nAcciyAR tirumozhi

``The Sacred Sayings of our Goddess-SrI ANDAL''

Notes by Sri V. Sadagopan (Oppiliappan Koil)
Translated by Smt. Kalyani Krishnamachari 
with additional translations from purvAcArya-s' commentaries


The following write-up deals with the mAhAtmyam (greatness) of SrI gOdAdEvi, who (in spite of having the great honor of sitting by the side of paramapada nAthan in SrI vaikuNTham) chose to be born under a tulasi plant in SrI vishNu cittar's garden in South India and found great pleasure in presenting poomAlai (garland of flowers) and pAmAlai (garland of verses) to rangamannAr.

Many of our acharyas have sung the praises of ANDAL; Sri vedAnta dESikar extols Her bestowing an importance to South India by Her being born there. A whole set of verses emanated from him in the form of gOdAstuti

SrI uyyakkoNdAr, SrI rAmAnujar, SrI maNavALa mAmunigaL, SrI parASara bhattar and tirukkaNNa mangaiyANDAn have all had divine experiences with ANDAL tirunAmam (holy name).