Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 

SlOkam 6: 

sthOthAram tamusanthi dEvi ! kavayO
  yO visthruNeethE GuNAn
sthOthavyasya tathasccha tE sthuthidhurA
  mayyEva visrAmyathi I
YasmAdhasmAth amarshaNIya phaNithi 
  svIkAratastE GuNA:
KshAnthyoudharya dayAdhayO BhagavathI!
  svAm prasruveeran praTaam II

Translation of the Meaning by Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan: 

Oh Bhagavathi! The world of scholars would acknowledge only that man , as a poet of worth , who is capable of publicizing the great virtues of the subject (that he is praising). Under this criterion , no one is better suited to praise you(than me).Yes. Because Your forbearance , pity, graciousness , bounteousness and similar qualities would stand out in prominent perspective only when I am their target. I am the lowliest person; my words are poor and defective. But , Your qualities shine at their best only with regard to me. So, I declare that I am the fittest panegyrsit for You.

Additional Comments from Dr.V.N.V 

Oh Bhagavathi! In this world of Yours , one is recognized as a "SthOthA " by the learned people, when he can illuminate well the atributes of the subject that he is eulogizing. Under this criterion, the burden and responsibillity to be Your SthOthA will rest solely with me. Why ? There are important atributes that You possess such as forbearance , generosity , dayA et al. There is no object fitter than me for all those auspicious attributes of Yours to be targetted. My words are poor and deficient . Hence , You should take compassion on me and let Your showers of mercy fall on me to become suitable to attempt this effort of praising You. Therefore , no one else is more appropriate than myself to be the object of Your mahA KalyANa GuNams.

Observations by V.SatakOpan (V.S): 

 ParAsara Bhattar was an expert in Tarkam . His arguments regarding his qualifications for being the best poet to praise Sri RanganAyaki is laid out here in a clever manner. He starts by conceding that it is an accepted practise to judge a poet's excellence by the skills he displays to illuminate and elaborate well the attributes of the object of his sthOthram . If he has that prowess, then he is called a SthOthA ( Tamm sthOthAram usanthi) .

This poetic excellence should amply demonstrate his power to expand on and celebrate the GuNAs of his object of praise( ya: guNAn visthruNeethE ).

SthOthA is Bhattar. SthOthavyaa is Sri RanganAyaki. Bhattar connects now the SthOthA and SthOthvyaa and the responsibility of the sthOthA to engage in his efforts to praise Sri RanganAyaki (sthOthavyaa).

Bhattar now accepts full responsibility as the sthOthA of the Divine Mother with the statement: " sthuthi-dhurA mayyEva visrAmyathi" ( the full responsibility to pay adequate tribute to You rests solely with me as Your sthOthA).DhurA means a burden or a load . That burden rests with me and me alone as a result of undertaking such important duties to be Your SthOthA .Thus ends the first two paadhams of the sixth slOkam . The case has been laid out and the duties and the onus of responsibilities has been clearly stated .

In the second paadham of the slOkam , the clever ParAsara Bhattar reveals how he is going to become fit for his duties. He says : " KshAnthyoudhArya- dayAdayO Bhagavathi ! YasmAdhasmAth amarshaNIya phaNithi sveekArathas tE guNA:".

First, Bhattar addresses Sri RanganAyaki as the embodiment of auspicious attributes like KshAnthi ( patience and forbearance) , oudhAryam ( generosity )and dayA (Compassion ) and reminds her that She is indeed Bhagavathi ( the abode of other six gunams such as Isvaryam, Balam , Tejas , Sakthi , Veeryam et al).

Next , Bhattar states that the power of Her illustrious GuNAs will nullify his poor and defective vaak(speech) and then sanctify it to become fit to engage in Her sthuthi and thereby qualify to be recognized as Her famous sthOthA.

He says: Because of the nature and power of Your KalyAna GuNams , they towered over my lowly self and my " amarshaNIya PhaNithi " and identified me as the right target for the torrent (prasravaNam )of Your KaruNai and soaked me in ecstasy . Therefore adiyEn, the fittest object of Your dayA , declares myself now to be the best among Your sthOthAs ( panegyrists).

In the next two slOkams , ParAsara Bhattar prays to the divine Mother for Her further blessings for the conferral of the full poetic power befitting the occasion.

Sri ParAsara Bhattar ThiruvadigaLE Saranam , 
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan