Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 

Slokam 7

In the seventh slOkam , ParAsara Bhattar makes a sincere appeal for Sri RanganAyaki's auspicious glances to fall on him to realize a sthuthi on Her , which will pay the most befitting tribute to Her anantha kalyANa guNams.

The Seventh SlOkam 

Sookthim samagrayathu svayamEva LakshmI:
 SriRangarAja MahishI madhurai: kaDAkshai:
Vaidhagdhya-varNaguNa-gumbhana-gouravair yaam
 kaNDUla karNa guharA: kavayO dhayanthi

The Meaning by Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan(V.N.V) 

May Goddess Sri RanganAyaki , Herself , confer Her benign glances to make this work of OURS (Hers as much as mine !) perfect and replete with the admirable virtues of richness of content , use of choice words, happy combination of all beauties , so that discerning connoisseurs of poetry will eagerly listen to the work with rubbed ears , whetted to the hearing process!

Additional Comments by Dr.V.N.V  

Oh The divine consort of Lord RangarAjA! Are n't You my Mother ? You should bless me with Your auspicious glances and help me to complete this Sthuthi on You.I dream that the fruits of this effort would be the creation of a Sthuthi with an integration of Vaidhagdhyam ( insightful meanings) ,varna-guNam (( distinction of housing the flow of choice words) , Gouravam ( guruthvam or majestic nature) and the seamless blending ((gumbhanam) of all of the above features. The learned aasthikAs will devour such a nectarine sthOthram through their ear cavities.

These learned people are rasikAs of poetry and literary creations. When they experience the sweetness (maadhUrya rasam )of the Sthuthi about You , their ears will long more and more to hear this sthuthi.Their ears will never be satiated.It will be aparyApthAmrutham for them. Oh RanganAyaki blessing us as MahA Lakshmi in archai form at Srirangam ! My prayers are for Your dayA to create this Sookthi and help. When You participate in this manner actively, then the resulting Sookthi will be OUR Sookthi instead of being just mine!

Observations by adiyEn (V.S) 

Here, ParAsara Bhattar co-opts Sri Ranganaayaki to be the creator of the sthuthi about Herself in the spirit of Swamy NammAzhwAr's paasurams as pointed out by Dr.V.N.V :

"To get sung of Himself , He became myself. He had the work composed by me without any error. Had I done it myself , it would have been imperfect ;errors would have crept in. When He did it Himself through me as a tool , all was well done......" ThiruvAimozhi:VII.9.4

"Yennal tannai padhaviya inn kavi paadiya Appanukku yethuvum onRumillai seyvathu ingumangE "--ThiruvAimozhi:VII.9.10

(meaning): " To One ,who made me --a nobody before--a poet to sing of Him in sweet verse , He would Himself sing , if He were to do it-- I feel I can do no adequate return here or elsewhere ".

ParAsara Bhattar pleads with Sri RanganAyaki: " na: sookthim samagrayathu". Samagra means complete. Samagrayathu means then let it be completed. What should be completed ? Our (Yours and mine or our Joint effort ) should be completed .Who should be completing this task ? "SvayamEva LakshMI: , SrirangarAja MahishI na: sookthim samagrayathu". May Thou ,the divine consort of SrirangarAjA , LakshmI , compete this task all by Yourself. How will You complete this task? You will get it done thru me by resting Your sweet and and auspicious glances(Madhurai: kaDAkshai:) on me.

What will be the end result of the anugraha sakthi of Your Madhura KaDAksham? A Sri Sookthi full of deep meanings , choice word groups and serving as KarNAmrutham for the rasikAs will result . The ear holes of those rasikAs will taste the nectarine sweetness of this Sri Sookthi of ours and will be aching to taste more. The experience would be an insatiable one for them.

Bhattar seeks the boon of a Sri Sookthi that has Vaidhagdhyam( skill, dexterity and proficiency in arrangement of words in appropriate poetic metres) , VarNa GuNam ( the perfect order of arrangement of words or gathi kramam),Gumbhana ghouravam ( loftiness based on the union of the above features) .

When such a delectable Sri Sookthi is tasted by the ears of the learned poets , those ears will itch to devour more and more of "our" Sri Sookthi says Bhattar.

In the next slOkam , ParAsara Bhattar elaborates on the supreme quality of the Sri Sookthi to be realized and prays for Sri RanganAyaki " to open up multitudes of vistas" for his poetic power.

DaasOsmi, DhanyOsmi, anugruhithOsmi, 
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan