Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 

Slokam 09

AdiyEn will cover ParAsara Bhattar's conversation with SriranganAthan about his efforts to sing about the praise of Sri RanganAyaki in this slOkam: 9

Sriya: SrI:! SrIrangEsaya ! tava cha hrudhyAm BhagavathIm 
  Sriyam thvathyOucchair vayamiha PhaNAma: SruNutharAm
dhrusou tE bhUyAsthAm sukhataraLathArE SravaNatha:
  punar harshOthkarshAth sphutathu bhujayO: kanjkasatham 

Meaning by Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan 

 Oh Lord , who bestows affluence to the storehouse of affluence (that Lakshmi is)! Oh Lord RanganAthA ! She is very dear to You. Her, we are going to praise , even better than You ! (that is , we are going to place Her even superior to You and we are going to praise Her as even better than You Yourself can!). Be pleased to listen with attentiveness ! Definite it is that Your eyes will revolve in delectation-caused mesmerism. And as You enjoy it , You will expand in body ,arms and form as a result of hearty enjoyment of pleasing poetry on a dear subject. Your armour will break and shatter to pieces; and mind You, a hundred armours would be exploded in Your experience of my exquisite poem on Your dearest consort !

Additional Comments by Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan : 

It is not clear whether Bhattar sang this praise of Sri RanganAyaki in front of PerumAL at His sannidhi or sang it during their sErthi sEvai during a Panguni Uttharam day . Bhattar does take the liberty of predicting as to what is going to happen as a result of the Lord listening with great joy ,the slOkams of his Sri GuNa Rathna KOsam .

Bhattar says: " Thiruvukkum ThiruvAhiya SelvA ! Oh Lord RangA ! Oh Bhagavan! We are going to sing about Your dharma Pathni , who is shAtguNya- SampoorNai. She is very dear to You ! You must have an idea of how I am going to praise Your pathni. I am going to eulogize Her at a level higher than You can ! Two meanings are implied here : (1) I am going to sing about Her to show that She has qualities that are superior than Yours . (2) I do not know how Your own praise of Your PirAtti would turn out to be . But , I am planning to eulogize Her at a level higher than You .

What would be the effect of hearing my superior sthuthi on You ? The dark pupils of Your eyes will rotate out of that joyous experience. Your body will swell with pride and will lead to Your big shirt to burst. If you were to wear another shirt that hangs loosely to begin with ,then Your swelling arms and body will make that shatter too! Even hundreds of shirts can not fit You as they get changed because your body would keep on growing and burst the shirts one after another.You ofcourse realize the greatnes of Your Devi's extraordinarily auspicious attributes . You also realize that my Sthuthi is not an ordinary one ! Finally , Your capacity to enjoy such a sthuthi is not common place ! Your raasikyam (Connoseuirship) is one of the best that we know!

With the address of the Lord as " Sriya: Sri:", Bhattar joins the highly celebrated and small group of Thirumangai AzhwAr ( Periya Thirumozhi : VII.7.1 on TherazhundhUr PerumAL) , AlavanthAr ( SthOthra- Rathnam:12 )and his own Father , KuREsar ( Sri Vaikunta- Sthavam:29), who all recognized the Lord as the One , who bestows MangaLam on the MangaLa Naayaki Herself ( Sriya: SrI:).All the above four are saluted therfore as "UdhAra Vaak".

Observations by adiyEn 

 1.Sriya: SrI: 
 Thirumangai salutes Aamuruviappan (Gosakan) of ThErazhundhUr as " Thiruvukkum ThiruvAhiya SelvA " with great endearment in his Paasuram. AlavanthAr asks a rhetoric Question in this context in his SthOthra Rathnam and answers it himself later:

" KassrI: Sriya:? Parama Satthva samAsraya: Ka:? PuNDarIka Nayana: Ka:? PurushOtthama: Ka:?"

(Meaning) : Who is the One that confers MangaLathvam on the Parama MangaLa Moorthy Herself ? Who is the One, who is the embodiment of Satthva GuNam without admixture of even a trace of RajO GuNam or TamO GuNam ? Who is the One that has PuNdarika nayanan ( eyes defeating the lotus in their beauty )? Who is that Purushan that is the supreme most One ?

AlavanthAr answers all these question readily by pointing out that Purushan , who is "Sriya: SrI:", Parama Saathvikan , Aravindha Lochanan (Tasya YathA kapyAsam PuNDarikam yEvamakshiNI) and PurushOtthaman is none other than Sriman NaarAyaNan. He bases his conclusion on the facts that (1) Sriya: Pathithvam is the top most item among His Parathva Saadhakams. (2)That Sri RanganAthan is Para Tathvam is proven further by the fact that He is Parama Saathvikan .(3) PuNDarIkAksham is uniquely assoicated with Sriya: SrI:and hence it is another proof of Parathva Lingam (Sign of Supreme Being ).(4) PurushOtthama Tatthvam celebrated by VedAs , Upanishads and Bhagavath Geethai ( PurushOtthama Yogam chapter) assert clearly that Sriman NaarAyaNan , "Sriya: Sri: " alone has undisputed Parathva Lingam.

Sri RangEsaya ! 

With the choice of this word, Bhattar salutes Periya PerumAL enjoying His Yoga NidhrA on the bed of Adhi Seshan at Srirangam .

Tava cha HrudhyAm BhagavathIm Sriyam PhaNAma: 

We are going to eulogize the Lady , who is dear to Your heart , Sri RanganAyaki, who has the six attributes ( tejO-Bala-Veerya -Isvarya et al) befitting Her name as Bhagavathi.

BhagavathIm Sriyam TvatthOpyucchai: Vayamiha PhaNAMa: 

Thirumalai Nallan RamakrishNa Iyengar Swamy translates this section as " ThirumahaLai Bhagavathiyai ninakkum mElAha cheppuhinrOm ".


Oh Sriya: Sri:! Please listen to our Suprior praise on Your dear consort attentively .

What is the effect of such attentive listening ? 

 Sri RanganAthan's eyes rotate with Joy (KaruvizhigaL PiRazhthiduha / dhrusou tE bhUyAsthAm) arising from this delectable experience of listening ( SukhataraLathArE SravaNatha:).

What else is going to happen ?

His pride of being blessed with Sri Devi as His Piratti and the joyous experience of His son (Bhattar) singing exquisitely about Her supreme attributes makes Lord RanganAthan swell up and burst His shirts adorning His big arms. He keeps on swelling with pride that even new and larger shirts suffer the same fate. Limitless indeed is the Lord's pride as He hears Bhattar's slOkams eulogizing Sri RanganAyaki ! Marvellous indeed is the exquisiteness of Bhattar's poetry blessed by Sri RanganAyaki Herself !

Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan