Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 

Slokam 10

In the ninth slOkam , Parasara Bhattar had a challenge to Sri RanganAthA through his claim that his(Bhattar's) praise of Sri RanganAyaki would be superior to that of the Lord Himself. Therefore, He invited Sri RanganAthan to listen to his sthuthi of His Devi very carefully.

In the tenth slOkam, ParAsara Bhattar shifted his attention from Sri RanganAthan to Sri RanganAyaki and declared that the ancient rishis (sages) aver that the apourushEya VedAs are the reposiories for the gem- like klayaaNa GuNams of Sri Devi (Sri RanganAyaki). The IthihAsAs , the Smruthi texts and the Saathvika PurANAs elaborate and clarify the Sri Tatthvam as adumbrated by the faultless , blemishless VedhAs.

The tenth slOkam housing these thoughts is as follows:

Devi Sruthim BhagavathIm praTamE pumAmsa:
  thvath sadhguNouka maNikOsa gruham gruNanthi
taddhvAra pADana paDUni cha sEthihAsa-
  santharkaNa smruthi purANa purassarANi 

Dr. V.N. Vedaantha Desikan's Translation & Comments:

Treatment of a subject , judging the quality , passing a verdict--all these depend on the basis , scale or authority , as we may call it, chosen for the purpose. The correct weight of a material will depend on the reliability of the weighing scale employed, of the correctness of weights used for balancing. In a similar manner ,the scripture chosen as the scale should be perfect and blemishless. The ONLY ONE of real absolute infallibility is the VedhAs .Great leaders of religion like VaalmIki , VyAsa , ParAsara ,Swamy NammAzhwAr etc ., would treat this infallible authority , namely , the Sruthi--as the Treasure chest, keeping Your qualities in a safe spot. The key to that Treasure chest is the adjuvant authorities , namely , the Epics, good logic, the Smrithis and the Saathvika PurANAs .

This present work of Sree GuNa Rathna kOsam is ,what is revealed on opening , the Treasure chest with the above key. ( That is, I am going to describe the qualities of Sree revealed by the VedhAs and such auxillary works listed above).

Sree GuNa Rathna kOsam literally means MahA LakshmI-- great Qualities--Gems--treasure chest; that is the treasure chest on opening and studying which , the gems of excellent qualities of MahA lakshmI will be revealed to us.

AdiyEn's observations

Here ParAsara Bhattar states that the treasure chest that he is going to open is the container of the great gem-like, resplendent auspicious attributes of Sri RanganAyaki , who is the archA form of Sree Devi at Srirangam.

Sri Bhattar points out that he is just following the path of the great sages , who went before him like VyAsar , VaalmIki , the author of Sri VishNu purAnam ( Sage ParAsarar ) , Manu and others, who developed their PramANams based on the infallible truisms of the authorless , anaadhi Vedhams. Here , Bhattar suggests that the Upa-bruhmanams like Smrithis and PurANams reveal the inner meanings of the VedhAs to elaborate on the anantha kalyANa guNams of Sree Devi just as Purusha Sooktham describes the limitles auspicious attributes of Her Lord .

Bhattar states that the key to open the treasure chest housing the GuNa Rathnams of Sri RanganAyaki is the UpabruhmaNams. His sthuthi helps to appreciate the GuNa Rathanams locked inside the jewel box of VedAs and opened by the key made up of Smrithi , Saathvika PurANams , Tarkam and IthihAsams.

It is fascinating to see that Bhattar weaves in the Vedic word with the root of " Gru " ( GruNanthi) in this slOkam extolling the praise of Vedams and their links to Sree Devi. GruNanthi means to praise, announce , proclaim. The first two Veda manthrams of NeeLA Sooktham house the words "GruNAhi " and " GruNanthu ".

Bhattar says in this context : "Devi! pumAmsa: (Great ones like VyAsaa , ParAsarA and others) sruthIm BhagavathIm tvath sadhguNouka MaNi kOsa Gruham GruNanthi".

SruthikkE Adaimozhi is BhagavathI (i-e) the synnonym for BhagavathI is Sruthi (Vedhams). PumAmsa: (Great Sages) place these blemishless Vedhams in the first place ( Bhagavthim Sruthim praTamE gruNanthi).Those Vedhams holding the top spot for adoration are described as the jewel box housing Your gem-like kalyANa guNams ( Tvath sadh guNa MaNi kOsa gruham).

The keys that open the above jewel box ( Tath DhvAra- pADana-paDUni )are the UpabruhmaNams ( IthihAsams , good tarkam/samtarkaNam , Smrithi and Saathvika PurANams ). These UpabruhmaNams are invauable to intrepret the inner meanings of the Vedhams housing the anantha kalyANa guNams of Sri Devi .

In the next slOkam , Bhattar describes those , who are not fortunate to receive Sri Devi's KrupA KatAksham are indeed fools , who misintrpret VedhArthams and wallow in misery until the last days of their lives.

Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan