Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 


This slOkam continues to salute the auspicious power of the glances of Sri RanganAyaki (MahA Lakshmi):

rathirmathi SarasvathI Dhruthi Samruddhi Siddhi Sriya:
  SudhAsakhi ! yathOmukham chichalishEthva bhrUlathA 
tathOmukham aTa IndhirE ! bhaumukhImahampoorvikAm
  vighAhya cha vasamvadhA: parivahanthi kUlankashA:


Oh MahA Lakshmi! You appeared on the world-scene once along with nectar! In whose favour Your brow-bending and brow-movement are directed , in his favour , all auspiciousness ,(i-e)., affection , intellectual perception , the Muses of oral delivery of thought ,fortitude , prosperity ,success in efforts , wealth -- will flow in competing with each other . All these will flood to him, breaching the banks too , in such a torrential flow.

Additional observations by adiyEn

Professor K.S.NarayanAcchAr in his introduction has commented that the first 8 verses of Sri GuNa Rathna kOsam (SGRK) houses the prayer of Sri ParAsara Bhattar to Sri RanganAyaki to be at the center of his inspiration to compose this sthOthram about Her multi-faceted auspiciousness and glories (thvamEva Bahumukhasya VaaNI vilasitham--slOkam 8).

From verses 9 to 18 , Bhattar focuses on the celebration of Her glories on the basis of Sruthi and Smruthi pramANams and identifies Her to be at the epi-center of all that is auspicous ( MangaLam MangalAnAm as Swamy Desikan is going to point out later following Bhattar's foot steps).

Paraphrasing Sri VishNu PurANam , one can ask: " nisrIkANAm kutha:SarasvathI Dhruthi Samruddhi Siddhi Sriya:?" .Sri VishNu PurANam passage asks: " NisrIkANAm kutha: Sathvam?". We can extend this line of thought and query: " How can any other deity have MahA LakshmI's auspicousness , existence , stability , endurance , wealth , nobility ,intellectual power (mEdhA) ?".

Her limitless glories are celebrated through Her many Vedic Names such as " MEdhA , SvAhA , AmbhrANi, IndirA and KalyANi,UdhArA ,dEva-JushtA ". As Sri VeerarAghavAchAryA points out, the Vedam in SrI Sooktham , SraddhA Sooktham , mEdhA Sooktham , Utthara NaarAyanam , KoushIthakI BrAhmaNam et al celebrate Her matchless Sakthi . The PurANams follow the lead of the Vedams : " SakthInAm chaiva SarvasAm yOnibhUthA ParA KalA". Her limitess Mahimai is thus celebrated.

The 18th slOkam of SGRK of today is focusing on Her being the Sakthi behind all auspicuousness, wealth and every noble achievement . The 18th slOkam is the elaboration of the key passage in Sri Sooktham: " YasasA JvalanthIm " ( One who shines with the fame as the fulfiller of all wishes of those , who seek refuge in Her : "SarvAbhIshta- prApaNa KeerthyA jvalanthim ") .

Sri RanganAyaki is addressed in this slOkam as "Rathi and Sudha-Sakhi and IndirA ". Her MaadhuryAth- Madhurathamathvam and JagajjIvana hEthuthvam are indicated by these choice names according to the commentators. Her nature as the Sweetest of the Sweet and life- rejuvenating nectarine glory is referred to here. She was born along with nectar during the churning for Amrutham from the milky ocean. Hence , She is addressed as "SudhA Sakhi". Her great affection for those , who seek Her is hinted by Her Name "Rathi" (preethi).

Whenever Her creeper like eye brows and the glances under them fall on a fortunate one , then JnAnam (mathi), Veda Vaak ( Sarsvathi ), Dhruthi (Fortitude, Courage ) , Samruddhi (Prosperity , Opulence) , Siddhi (Success. accomplishment) , Sriya: (any virtue or excellence , the three human purushArthams : Dharma , Artha and KamA ).

" YathOmukham (tava) BhrUlathA chichalishEthEva , tathOmukham BahumukhI aham poorvikAm parivahanthi"  is the statement of Sri ParAsara Bhattar in wonderment. Whichever direction , the eye brow and the glances of Sri RanganAyaki falls even for a moment , in that direction flow all of the above auspiciousnes in a torrential fashion (like a flood breaking the river banks )and competing with each other to bless the fortunate one. Those blessings flow in many ways (Bahu mukham or Bahu prakAram). They fall over each other to arrive first (ahamahamikA , aham pooravm ithi). Those swift streams of auspiciousness flow and drench not only the person fortunate enough to be the object of those glances , but they extend to "puthra , pouthra, Sishya , Prasishya paryantham (parivAhayanthi)".They reach out to the progeny , the next generation , disciple and the disciple's disciple .Such are their lasting power.

The power of the flood of boons is compared to the power of the swollen waters of a river tearing down the banks of that river ( koolankasha:). These boons are obedient to the will of (vasamvadhA:) MahA Lakshmi . They are submissive to Her will . To sum it up, All the abundant auspiciouness and wealth (Sarva sampadhAm) arise from the play of the glances of MahA Lakshmi( LakshmI BhrUlathA vilAsa prasAraabhimukha jangAlathaa).

SrimathE RanganAyaki jayathu Daasan , 
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan