Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 


SaBdhAdheen VishayAn pradarsaya vibhavam vismArya dAsyAthmakam
vaishnavyA guNamaayAthma nivahAn viplAvya poorva: pumAn
pumsA paNyavadhU viDambhi vapushA dhUrthAnivAyamAsayan
SrirangEswari! kalpathE tava parihAsAthmanE kElayE 

Meaning by Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan: 

Oh Goddess RanganAyaki! The Lord, Your consort plays a mischievous deception on the world beings. He does it for your pleasure ! He projects the sense-objects (like color, sound etc) before the beings, which are carried away by the MaayA of the Lord.The so-duped beings are caught in the illusion-net. They fail to see the Lord's existence and the individual's subservience to the Lord. All including Brahma are subject to this MaayA -effect.The deception played thereby would recall to one's mind what forms part of certain social dramas: a male-being would put up a feigned woman-like appearance, which would successfully seduce adulterers, who would madly pounce upon the woman-character.The sentient ones chasing sense-elements are only like this. And the Lord does it for Your delectation.

Addiitonal Observations by adiyEn

Here what the Lord does to entertain His divine consort in the temporal world is alluded to. Oh RanganAyaki! The Adhi Purushan Sri RanganAthan has the power to perform some deeds for Your pleasure. He shows the chEthanams Sabdha-sparsa roopa-rasa-gandhA vishayams and thus casts His MaayA over them, which makes them forget that He is the Sarva Seshi and they are His DaasAs/Seshaas.This MaayA of Your Lord is not easily overcome and this He Himself points out in His Bhagavath Geethai slOkam :" dhaivI heyEsha guNamayI Mama MaayA durathyayA ". The deluded chEthanams forget their Seshathvam /Daasyathvam.Even Chathur-mukha BrahmA is not above such delusions .Your Lord does all these leelAs for Your pleasure. He is head over heels in love with You and performs His leelAs to amuse You.

AchArya RaamAnujA in His GeethA BhAshyam explains that The MayA of the Lord consisting of the three GuNAs (Satthva-RajO-Tamas) is created by Him as the Supreme Lord for purposes of sport ( KreeDA pravrutthEna) .This MaayA is divine in power (Dhiavi) and threfore is difficult to overcome ( dhurathyayA). This MaayA of the Lord is "absolutely real" and it obscures the essential nature of the Lord for the ChEthanams (Bhagavath Svaroopa TirOdhanam).

The chEthanam gets enchanted by the MaayA of their Lord and forget their svaroopam as Dasans for the Lord and fail to enjoy His Swamithvam and His anavadhikAdhisaya aanandha Svaroopam ( His nature of boundless Beatitude). Sri RanganAyaki is intrigued and amused by the power of Her Lord's MaayA . She is relieved, hpwever, when Her Lord teaches the chEthanms as how to free themselves from His powerful MaayA. He points out :" MayyEva yE prapadhyanthE MaayAmEthAm taranthi tE"  Those who take refuge in Me alone shall pass beyond this MaayA of Mine consisting of the three guNAs.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE Saranam,
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan