Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 


YaddhUrE manasO yadhEva tamasa: paarE yadhadhyadhbhutham
yathkAlAth-apachElimam SurapurI yadhgacchathO dhurgathi:
saayujyasya yadhEva soothiraTavA yaddh-dhurgraham madhgirAm
tadh VishNO: paramam padham tava kruthE Maatha:samAmnAsishu: 

Having dealt with the elaborate activities (Leelais) of Lord RanganAthan in LeelA vibhUthi to please and amuse Sri RanganAyaki in previous two slOkams , Bhattar turns his attention now to Nithya VibhUthi and what he does there to enhance His Devi's pleasure there.

Meaning of SlOkam 21 by Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan:

Oh RanganAyaki! My Mother ! Knowledgable scholars declare that the VaikuntalOka too is designed for Your pleasure only. The features in respect of this world of Bliss are:

(1) It is not conceivable by our mind (2)It is far away transcending all material worlds (3)It is a marvellous world offering ever-new wonders , every moment (4)It is not subject to the ravages of Time(5)In comparison to that world, even Svarga-like worlds would just be equal to hell (6)It is in that haven that Saayujyam (being identical in all rspects) is secured for the liberated souls.

Why harp on its (Sri Vaikuntam's)greatness ? It is inconceivable even to my intellect , which has acquired great power by the mere reason of Your grace .

That superb world, SrI Vaikuntam has been reserved for the Lord's enjoyment with You (by the Lord )! This Paramapadham has been created for Your bhOgam .

Additional Thoughts by adiyEn : 

Sri Bhattar describes SrI Vaikuntam as the birth place of Saayujya Moksham for the Muktha Jeevan following the Sruthi passage : " Niranjana: paramam Saamyamupaithi". He extolls the glories of that SrI Vaikuntam created for the BhOgam of MahA Lakshmi by Her doting Lord. Sri V.N.VedAntha Desikan has pointed out this slOkam is an echo of number of slOkams (39-45) of KurEsar's SrI VaikuNta Sthavam and selected passages from Bhagavath RaamAnujA's SrI VaikunTa Gadhyam . adiyEn will elaborate on these source slOkams now.

The descriptions of the Parama Padham by AlavandhAr , RaamAnujA and KurEsar are inspired by Sruthi Vaakhyams, VishNu PurANam and Hari Vamsam passages as pointed out by U.Ve.VidvAn ChEtlUr SrivathsAngAcchAr Swamy in his scholarly commentary on Sri Vaikunta Sthavam . We will refer to some of these passages as well .

The inconceivability of Sri VaikunTam by the mind: " yath manasO dhUrE " is Bhattar's words to indicate the VaachamA ghOcharam aspects of Sri VaikunTam. This is an echo of AchArya RaamAnujA's description of Sri VaikunTam in Sri VaikunTa Gadhyam :"BrahmAdhInAmapi Vaang-manasA-ghOcharE SRIMATHI VAIKUNTE ".This Nithya vibhUthi is not conceivable by our mind or that of even Chathur Mukha BrahmA ( manasA dhUrE smarthum asakyam; asankOchanam). Its magnitude is inconceivable by the human mind because it is hundreds of times even vaster than the gigantic Fourteen lOkams belonging to the Lord's LeelA VibhUthi ( KurEsar's 39th verse of Sri Vaikunta Sthavam:"Chathurdasa Jagath Yath aNDam , --tath susadhrusAni paras-sathAni").

The Question arises as to why and for what purpose the Lord created the LeelA and Nithya VibhUthi : " kasmai phalAya srujathIsa idham SAMASTHAM?". Kuresar answered : "kreeDa-vidhE: tava paricchadhathAm agacchan".They became tools for Your (Lord's)BhOga kirIDai according to Kuresar. The two VibhUthis created as His leelais according to the son of Kuresar , ParAsara Bhattar are for serving as pleasure lands (BhOga SthAnam) for His divine consort, MahA Lakshmi . That is the subtle agenda of the Lord!These VibhUthis are to serve as IcchA VihAram for Her ( for Her sport according to Her wish).

This wonderful Sri Vaikuntam is beyond the Tamas-filled prakruthi manDalam according to Bhattar ( Tamasa: paarE yadh-adhbhutham).Tamas here refers to Moola Prakruthi. This land of Sri Vaikuntam on the other side of VirajA river has been saluted by Vedic passages ( Rajasa : parAkE , Tamasa: parasthAth , sOadhvana: Paaram aapnOthi Tadh VishNO: Paramam Padham) .Bhattar uses the revelations of these Vedic passages to point out that Sri Vaikuntam of unparalleled glory , created for the BhOgam of MahA Lakshmi , is free of rajas and tamas.

Sri Vaikuntam is also eternal and is not affected by Time (Kaalam). Bhattar describes the timeless , eternal aspect of Sri vaikunTam as " yath kaalaAdh-apachElimam --Tath VishNO: Paramam Padham ". KurEsar described this changeless world of Sri Vaikuntam (beyond the power of Kaalam to change its features) as "ApariNa padhAspatham". Later , Swamy Desikan elaborated further the timeless aspect of Sri Vaikuntam , where the Lord's sankalpam alone changes things ( and not Kaalam ) this way in his Sri Sookthi , NyAya SiddhAnjanam:" Kaala Krutha karmAdhIna pariNaama mAthram hi tEshu nishEdhyam, na thu Bhagavath-SankalpamAthramapi".

Next Bhattar points out that Indra Lokam et al known for their wealth and pleasures are equal to narakam , when they get compared to the matchless Isvaryam and BhOgam of Sri Vaikuntam created by the Lord for His Consort , MahA Lakshmi ( SurapurI yadh-gacchathO dhurgathi:).

The second half of this slOkam is:

"Saayujyasya yadhEva SoothiraTavA yadh-dhurgraham madhgirAm
 Tadh-VishNO: Paramam Padham TAVA KRUTHE Maatha:SamAmnAsishu"

KurEsar salutes this Sri Vaikuntam as "Ujjvalam Saayujyam " ( the highest of Mokshams , Saayujyam),where the Lord confers Saamyam in GuNams , Isvaryam , BhOgam to Mukthaas and Nithyaas (except Jagath VyApAram). This is the ParamAkAsam ( TeLi Visumpu of Swamy NammazhwAr), VaishNavam (VishNu Svaroopam), adhisundaram ( most beautiful), adhbhutham (wonderous ), TejOmayam , Parama Satthvamayam (Suddha Satthva-mayam), Dhruvam ( unchanging , ( kalangA perunahar" of AzhwAr) and Tamasa: parasthAth (beyond Moola prakruthi) according to KurEsar ( SlOkam 41 of Sri Vaikunta Sthavam). KurEsar's son, Bhattar , goes one beyond and identifies this wonderous Nithya VibhUthi as the birth place of Saayujyam (Saayujyasya yadhEva Soothi).

Next , Bhattar concedes that even his Vaak chaathuryam ( brilliance of speech and composition of poetry ) resulting exclusively from the MangaLa KatAksham of Sri Ranga Naayaki would not succeed in comprehending the great glory of the world of Sri Vaikuntam (Nithya- VibhUthi)created by Her Lord for Her exclusive enjoyemnet ( Yadh-dhurgraham madh-girAm , Tadh-VishNO: Paramam Padham, TAVA KRUTHE Maatha: SamaamnAsishu:).

adiyEn will conclude this posting with the 45th slOakm of Kuresar's Sri Vaikunta Sthavam , which extolls the unparalleled glories of that land of Saayujya- Moksham ,"VishNO: Paramam Padham":

nishkalmashai: nihatha janma jarA-vikArai:
 bhUyishta Bhakthi vibhavai: abhavai:avApyam
anyai: adhanya purushai: manasApyanApyam
 Vaikunta-naama Tava Dhama tadh-Amananthi

(Meaning): The learned ones describe Your Supreme abode , Sri Vaikuntam , as the sthAnam populated by those free of Kaamam , KrOdham ( nishklamashai:), by those(the same) who do not experience birth , death and changes caused by Time (Vihatha janma JarA VikArai:) ,by those (the same), who have the vaibhavam as practioners of either Bhakthi or SaraNAgathi anushtAnams ( BhUyishta Bhakthi Vibhavai:) ,by the same BhAgyasAlis, who never return to the karma BhUmi ( abhavai:). Those who do not have such qualifications of BhUyishta Bhakthi anushtAnam can not even conceive this Sri Vaikunta SaamrAjyam with their minds and will never reach it ( anyai: adhanya purushai: manasaa api anApyam tadh-Vaikunta dhAma naamam sthAnam). For the dhanya purushAs , it is avApyam and for the adhanya purushAs , it is anApyam.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE Saranam,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan