Dear BhakthAs :

We will study the Taniyan for Sri GuNa Rathna Kosam that salutes the extraordinary life and works of ParAsara Bahttar in this posting .

Taniyan : 

Sri ParAsara BhattArya: Sri RangEsa PurOhitha: Sri VathsAnga Sutha: 
SrimAn SrEyasE mEasthu bhUasE

(meaning):The revered Sri ParAsara Bhattar is the son of KurEsar and the PurOhithar for Lord RanganAthan. He is full of Kaimkarya Sampath and hence is qualified to be addressed as SrimAn. May adiyEn be blessed with all auspiciousness again and again through this salutation of mine at the sacred feet of Sri ParAsara Bhattar.

This Taniyan is from the Sri VishNu Sahasra naama BhAshyam of ParAsara Bhattar.

(Commnets): Sri ParAsara Bhattar was born in 1062 C.E(?) as the son of KurEsar and AndAL. ParAsara Bhattar came into this world through the grace of Lord RanganAthA as the elder twin s born to his parents.AchArya RaamAnujA gave the name of ParAsarA to this child and the dhivya dampathis of Srirangam raised him. Hence , ParAsara Bhattar was a Gharbha- SrimAn as a result of the JaayamAna KatAksham of the dhivya Dampathis . AchArya RaamAnujA named the twins as ParAsarA and Veda VyAsA to commemorate the authors of VishNu PurANam and Brahma Soothrams respectively .

As a direct result of the Spiritual authority vested by AchArya RaamAnujA in ParAsarA , he became the chief priest of Lord RanganAthan and expounded purANams (PurANa patanam) at the Srirangam temple .That is why the taniyan salutes him as Sri RangEsa PurOhitha: and it would have been a wonderful experience for his contemproaries to listen to ParAsara Bahttar recite the Thirumanjana Kattiyam for Lord RanganAthA or provide nirvAham for intricate passages of Swamy NammAzhwAr's ThiruvAimozhi paasurams .

The taniyan also addresses him reverentially as Sri ParAsara BhattArya:, a salutation that is commensurate with his great Ubhaya VedAnthA scholarship , AchArya pathavi and extraordinary skills in debates to defeat Paramatha Vaadhins. He shone as a bright star in the firmament of Sri VisishtAdvaitham during the post-RaamAnujA and pre-Swamy Desika period. He established a great Sishya paramparai through the adoption of Namjeeyar as his main disciple.

ParAsara Bhattar's works some times will be hall marks of brevity and clarity such as AshtaslOki , which is the quintessence of the three Sri VaishNavite Rahasyams. Some times, his works can be treasure house of elaborate commentaries such as The Bhagavadh GuNa Darpanam , which is an encyclopedaic work instructing us on the glories of the 1000 names of Lord VishNu found in SriVishNu Sahasra Naamam.

His ubhaya VedAnthA Scholarship is outstandingly revealed in his beautiful Tamil Commentary on Kaiasika PurANam , which is a part of VarAha PurANam , where VarAha PerumAn reveals to BhUmi Devi ,the extraordinary anugraham obtained through singing His glory during the Brahma MuhUrtham of the twelfth day of Sukla Paksham of VriscchikA month .The brilliant way in which ParAsara Bhattar gave the exposition of Kaisika MahAthmyam in Sri RanganAthA's sannidhi gained the appropation of Lord RanganAthan Himself . Our Lord orderd a Brahma ratham to celebrate the expository skills (PurANa Pravachanam skills )of Bhattar. Bhattar was carried in a palanquin by dhvijOtthamAs to his home with BhagavAn's maryAdhais and became ParAsara BhattAryar as recorded in His taniyan . Srimathi Anita Ratnam of the TVS family will be organizing the dance- drama of Kaisika PurANam at ThiRukkuRunkudi this year .Hope BhagavathAs can travel to this dhivya dEsam and enjoy their links to Sri ParAsara BhattAryar .

In the next posting we will cover the first slOkam of the Sri GuNa Rathna KOsam of the ParAsara BhattAryar.

Sri Ranga Dhivya DampathikaL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan