Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 


The Power of Sri RanganAyaki's Eyes
yEkO mukthAtapathra prachala-maNi-gaNAth
  kaarimoulir manushyO
dhrupyath danthAvaLasthO na gaNayathi nathaan
  yathkshaNam kshONipAlAn |
yatthasmai thishtatEnya: krupaNamasaraNO
  darsayan dhanthapankthee
tatthE SrirangarAja praNayini 
  nayanOhanjitha nyanjithAbhyAm || 

Meaning by Dr.V.N.VedanthadEsikan:

 Two extremes of status in worldly life can be imagined for an illustration. One person sits proudly with pleasure on an elephant , the pearl-studded royal umbrella causing a dashing of the dangling bells on the crown , creating a pleasing jingle; a long row of royal personages bend before him in homage; he will feign a look of total unconcern; he will have nothing but disdain for them .

In contrast, another man ,utterly helpless , half-clad , standing pathetically with exposed teeth , may be visualized as the very personification of indigency --the exact opposite of the first person!

The two are in strong contrast. The first had received Your distinct eye-glances ,a great blessing .But to the latter , You had closed Your eye-glances.

This is the only explanation for the contrast in situation between the two people.

adiyEn's observations 

Sri ParAsara Bhattar describes the distinct impact of one (Yeka:) who was blessed with the KaTaaksham of Sri RanganAyaki and the other (anya:) , on whom She had closed Her eyes.The first one is fortunate and is on top of the heap of Isvaryams as a result of the LakshmI KatAksham.The other is at the bottom of the vale of poverty.

The fortunate one sits on the back of a royal elephant under the pearl studded umbrella and the majestic movement of the elephant makes the gems on the crown jostle with each other and creates a nice sound. The vassal kings bow to this fortunate one and he in turn acts as though he does not see their bent heads out of his haughtiness and Isvarya garvam .

The unfortunate one , who did not have the benefit of the glances of Sri RanganAyaki falling on him is a destitute and anaadhai("RakshakAnthara-Rahithan") and has no one to seek as his protector. He has tattered clothes and shows his teeth in a mode of begging before the fortunate one riding on the royal elephant.

Such is the contrast between the one blessed with the soubhAgyam of Sri RanganAyaki's katAksham and the other who was not that fortunate.

Sri ParAsara Bhattar addresses Sri RanganAyaki as " SrirangarAja PraNayini /Ponnarangar Kaathali" and explains that the difference in the status of "Yeka: " and "anya:" is due to the first one receiving Nayana katAksham and the other one failing to receive it (nayana sankOcham).

The first half of the following seventh slOkma of Sri Sthavam of KurEsar is the reference point/ inspiration for the son ( Sri ParAsara Bhattar) in composing this slOkam :

Isvaryam mahadhEva vaa alpam athavaa 
dhrusyEtha pumsAm hi Yath 
TallakshmyA: samudheekshaNAth tava yatha: 
saarvathrikam varthathE ----

(meaning): Oh Sri Devi! we are not surprised that the abundance of the wealth or utter poverty associated with the human beings is only due to the casting of Your side glances on them or due to the absence of such glances falling on them . (KurEsar goes on to say that even Her Lord Sriman NaarAyaNan considers Himself blessed by those auspicious glances falling on Him/ NaarAyaNa: api tava EekshaNAth svAthmAnam dhanyam manyathE).

Such is the power of the Nayanams of Sri Ranga Naayaki!

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam, 
Daasan,Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan