Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 


From SlOkams 19-23 , Bhattar paid tribute to Sri RanganAyaki as the Empress o the temporal world(Leela VibhUthi) and the One beyond Space and Time (Nithya VibhUthi/Sri Vaikuntam) and connected these two VibhUthis as Her BhOga SthAnam.

>From slOkams 24-28 , Bhattar develops the reaons why Sruthis as SvapramAnams do not find it necessary to refer to Her separately each time they salute Her Lord as "Sath, Brahman, JyOthi " et al.Their status as a dhivya Mithunam (Divine couple) with "yEka SEshithva YOgam" is saluted by these slOkams .The first of this pentad of SlOkams celebrate the ThirumAmaNi Mantapam , where the dhivya Dampathis as inseperable Ones receive the kaimkaryams from the NithyAs and the MukthAs:

tasyAm cha tvath krupAvan-
niravadhijanathA visrAmArhAvakAsam
 samkIrNam dhAsya-thrushNA kalitha-
parikarai: pumbhir-Ananadhanignai: I
 snEhAdh-asTAnarakshA vyasababhir-abhayam
 AanandhaikArnavam SrI:
yuvayOr-AhurAsTAna-rathnam II

Meaning of this SlOkam (Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan ) 

 Oh RanganAyaki! The Assembly-Hall(ThirumAmaNi MaNTapam) is the best among all halls. It is the possession (Isvaryam) of both of You.It is commensurate in size , to Your grace and its volume .It is also commensurate with the volume of persons, coming and resting in mental peace , who hold in their hands the appurtenances of loving service such as ChAmarA --in their yearning for rendering all kinds of service to You Both. The Hall is full of such rejoicing persons engaged in loving service to You Both.

These loving servants hold in their hands , the lovely umbrellas, the ChAmarAs ,and other service-aids. They are always informed by an anxiety and over-concern for their Master's safety , though misplaced and unwarranted it might be. They stand there ready for rendering service, not in the sense of an ordained duty , but as a loving act that would prove to be a rapturous experience . These NithyAs and MukthAs have got to fear nothing inview of the ever ready Nithyasoori weapons like ChakrA , SankhA , SaarngA and the like. They are the best guards. They would not let any alien or dangerous element in. When they are all there, What is there to fear ? All are in eternal bliss. This is the picture of magnificient Hall You preside over in the Lord's company.

Additional Observations by adiyEn 

 The AasthAnam of the dhivya dampathis is recognized as the magnificient ,matchless gem of an AasthAnam (AasthAna-Rathnam). The size of that AasthAna Rathnam is as huge as the limitless krupA of Sri RanganAyaki.ThirumAmaNi MaNTapam is the Sabhai or DarbAr of the Dhivya dampathis .Guided by the Veda Vaakyam (ChAndhOgya Upanishadic passage), " PrajApathE: SabhAm vEsma prapadhyanthE ",Bhattar describes that ocean of bliss (ThirumAmaNi MaNTapam) as " aanandhikArNavam SrI Bhagavthi YuvayO: aahu: AaasthAna Rathnam " in the fourth paadham of this slOkam .

That ThirumAmaNi MaNtapam is a delectable ocean of nectar ( AanandhaikArNavam).In this Fourth Paadham , Bhattar addresses Sri Devi (Sri RanganAyaki) as "Bhagavathi" to remind us that She is shADguNya- Poornai just like Her Lord.He points out further that this Aanandamaya arnavam (blissful ocean of nectar ) , which is the AaasthAna rathnam belongs to both of them as revealed by the Sruthis ( Bhagavathi !YuvayO: Aahu: AasthAna Rathnam ).

In the first Paadham , Bhattar gives us an idea of the dimensions of that ThirumAmaNi MaNTapam: "tasyAm Puri Thvath KrupAvath tvath dhayEva niravadhi- janathA-visrAmArhAvakAsam nirvadhE: avadhi-soonyayA , asankhyAyA: janathaayA: janan samUhasya visramArha: visrAnthi YOgya: avakAsa: antharam yasmin tataTOktham" is the commentary of Sri Vatsya VeerarAghavaachArya. Just like Her limitless KrupA , the size and dimensions of this ManTapam has no boundaries (avadhi-Sonyam). It provides the resting abode for innumerable NithyAs and MukthAs as stated by the Sruthis.The first Paadham housing the above rich thoughts is : " TasyAm cha Tvath krupAvanniravadhi janathA visrAmArha avakAsam ".

The second Paadham is : "SankIrnam dhAsya-thrushNA kalitha parikarai:pumbhi: aananda-nignai: " .The crowded assembly of NithyAs and MukthAs seen in that ThirumAmaNi maNTapam are longing to perform kaimkaryam to the dhivya Mithunam with joy and are holding in their hands the Umbrella ,fan and other objects for kaimkaryam. Like Swamy NammAzhwAr had KrishNa ThrushNai , ( vEtkai for KrishNA), these parijanams of the Lord and the MukthAs have "Daasya ThrushNA" (unquenchable thirst for Kaimkaryam). These PumAns or great souls are drenched in bliss (aanandha- nignai:)at the thought of their kaimakrya sampath.

The Third Paadham of this slOkam is: " snEhAdh asthAna- rakshA-vyasanibhir-abhayam Saarnga-chakrAsi-mukhyai:". The snEham or friendship or affection referred to here is the PrEmai for the dhivya MangaLa vigrahams of the Divine Couple by the great assembly of NithyAs and MukthAs.They have the worries about any harm falling on the Divine Couple , although such fears are misplaced and unwarranted (asthAna RakshA vyasanibhi:). This VyAkulam (klEsam or Bhayam)is like that of PeriyAzhwAr , who sang PallANDu to the Divine Couple, when he feared some harm coming Their way in this mortal world . In Sri Vaikuntam's Divine , bejewelled hall, the presence of the PanchAyudhams of the Lord banish any fear about safety to the Divine Couple . The state of Abhayam is assured and every one is devoid of fear (Bhaya rahitham).

The great anubhavam of the Muktha Jeevan in the ThirumAmaNi MaNTapam is described in exquisite detail in the 8th and the 9th chapters of Parama Padha SOpAnam of Swamy Desikan. The elaborations of this slOkam can be enjoyed there.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE saraNam, 
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan