Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 


In this SlOkam , Bhattar focuses on the couch, Adhiseshan on which the dhivya Dampathis are seated at the ThirumAmaNi ManTapam . It appears that Bhattar has been inspired by the first two pasurams of KulasEkhara . In the first two paasurams of PerumAL Thirumozhi , KulasEkharar visualizes AdhisEshan providing bed ,seat and VidhAnam for the divine coulpe " IruLiriya Sudar- maNikaL imaikkum neRRi" and " PaNamAyirangaL aarntha Aravarasa PerumchOthi Ananthan ". That VidhAnam and the red flames of fire emanating from the breath of AdhisEshan drives away all the enemies of the Lord. This is covered in the first two paadhams of this slOkam .

Bhattar seems also has been inspired by ALavandhAr's first slOkam of ChathusslOki that starts hailing the greatness of Sri Devi : "KaanthastE PurushOtthama: PANIPATHISSAYYAASANAM--" and concludes with wonder about his inability to fully comprehend and describe the glories of Sri Devi ( SririthyEva cha Naama tE Bhagavathi BhrUma: katham thvAm vayam?).

Swamy Desikan also describes brilliantly the Seat of the divine couple at the ThirumAmaNi ManTapam in the final chapter (ParApthi Parvam) of his Parama Padha SOpAna Rahasyam. Here , He salutes Sri Devi seated on AdhisEsahn with Her Lord as " Sarva-prAkAra SamslEshi ( as the Divine consort united with Her Lord in all aspects such as SvarUpam,Vigraham and AvathArams)" .

In the PrApthi Parvam of Parama Padha SOpAnam (8th chapter:8.16 ) , Swamy Desikan also salutes the Aasanam of the Lord ( SenRAl KudayAm irunthAl SingAsanamAm), AdhisEsahn , who is the exemplar of "asEsha-SEsha Vrutthi".Swamy describes the fragrance of AdhisEshan, who adds fragrance even to the " Sarva Gandhan" , his Lord seated with " vEri mARAtha Poo mEl iruppAL " ( Sri Devi , who has nithya vaasam on the lotus of never-fading fragrance).

The beauty of AdhisEsahn with PhaNA sahasram ( thousand hoods) resembling PurNEndhu MaNdalas (shining like thousand full Moons) is saluted. Swamy Desikan goes on to describe the progress of the Muktha Jeevan to reach the Lord's proximity (athyantha SaamIpyam)after receiving permission from the protective AdhisEshan.

tathra srak-sparsa-gandham sphurathupari-
phaNA rathna-rOchir-vithAnam
VisthIryAnandha-bhOgam tadhupari
nayathA visvamEkAtapathram I
thaisthai: KaanthEna SAnthOdhitha-guNa vibhavai:
arhathA thvAmasankhyai:
anyOynyAdhvaitha nishtA ganarasa
gahanAn DEvi! bhadnAsi bhOgAn II

The Meaning ( Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan ) 

Oh Goddess RanganAyaki! Both of You are seated , in a majestic way on the AdhisEshA couch. It has the pleasure of touch and the pleasure of flavour like a flower garland. The canopy provided by AdhisEshan has also the provision of a thousand luminous lamps in the manner of gems on his hoods. The Lord, the unquestioned ruler , enjoys there at , the innate Bhagavath GuNAs , in the SaanthOdhitha dasai , as it is termed.

His sweet qualities transcend all counting operations. One can only vaguelty contemplate on them and can not count or list or describe them individually .One thing (for sure) is certain. He MERITS YOU by these qualities. You are His special Mate.You enjoy an one-ness with Your dear consort.Enjoyment by You both knows no TWONESS. It is a being of singular unity that is to be reckoned at this instant. This state of both of being so absorbed in a state of blessed bliss in terms of floods of delicious experiences that You generate for the Lord in that state of Your suzeranity over all the Worlds is possible ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU.It is appropriate that AzhwAr described your Lord as the fitting match for You (UnakkERkkum KOla MalarppAvai).Here , the AzhwAr is focusing on MahA Lakshmi and how appropriate She is as a match for Her Lord; Bhattar turns around and points out that the Lord is a fitting match for MahA Lakshmi's anantha kalyANa GuNams , adhbutha Soundaryam and limitless DayA .Foer Bhattar, The Lord comes next to Sriranga Naayaki/MahA Lakshmi .

Additional Observations by AdiyEn 

Sitting under the canopy of AdhisEsahn , the Dhivya Damapthis are ruling the whole world under one umbrella , as it were. YEka chathrAdhipathyam is implied. "visvam VibhUthi-dhvayam YEkAdhipathyam" and " anyOnyam parasparam adhvaitha nishtayA YEkibhAvEna paraspara ghADAnurAgENa " nirvahathi is the commentary of Sri Vathsya VeerarAghavAcchAr Swamy . They rule in unison the two VibhUthis ( LeelA & Nithya VibhUthis). With mutual intimacy and deep love for one another, they rule over the worlds in an undivided manner.

Bhattar refers here to the Lord enjoying His innate GuNa Vaibhavams in the ShAnOdithA state , while He is seated on the Aasanam of AdhisEsahn as the Joint Emperor of the World. The fourth slOkam of Swamy ALavandhAr's ChathusslOki is very appropriate here to remember the ShAnthAnandha MahA VibhUthi of MahA Lakshmi . Swamy ALavandhAr's slOkam pays tribute to the SaanthAnatha MahA VibhUthi of the Lord and the yEkatattvam of the Nithya samslishtaa dhivya dampathis :

ShAnthAnandha MahA vibhUthi Paramam yath Brahma rUpam HarE: MUrtham Brahma TathOpi Tath Priyataram rUpam Yathadhyadhbhutham yAnyAni YathAsukham viharathO rUpANi SarvANi thAni Aahus svairanurUpa rUpa vibhavai: GhADOpagUDAni --ChathusslOki: SlOakm 4

(meaning):The most sacred Ubhaya VibhUthI Naathan , who is untouched by any blemish(akhilahEya PrathyanIkathvam) and who is beyond any division by dEsam, Kaalam and Vasthu (desa-Kaala-Vasthu paricchEdham) is Brahma-Padha Vaachyan. MahA Lakshmi takes on the anuroopam ( fitting match ) for any roopam taken by this Dhivya Mangala Vigraha Moorthy in Vibhavam and other states. In all these states, She does not leave Him even for a fraction of a second (ahalahillEn yenRu AlarmEl Mangai Urai Maarbahn) and stays united with Him in inseperable ,nithya samslishta state. She stays like the fragrance in the flower and like the radiance in the gems (BhAsakarENa PrabhA yathA).This is the GADOpa-GUDAni state . She enjoys every measure of the leela rasams with Her Lord through anuroopa-Roopa Vaibhavam.

The first two paadhams of the 25th sLokam of Sri GuNa Rathna KOsam covered the United rulership of the Dhivya dampathis under one Umbrella ; the next two paadhams celebrate the ShAnthathva-Akhila hEya PrathyanIkathvam and the Ananthathvam aspects of the Lord and the "anyOnya adhvaitha nishtA ghana rasa BhOgam" of Sri RanganAyaki enjoying the Leela Rasam in a state of inseperable union with her Lord.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE Saranam, 
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan