Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In the 26th slOkam , Bhattar describes the complimentary relationship between Periya PirAtti , BhU Devi and NeeLA Devi (Napinnai).

bhOgyA Vaamapi nAntharIyakathayA pushpAngarAgai: Samam
 nirvruttha praNayAthi-vAhana-vidhou neethA: parIvAhathAm
Devi! thvAmanu NeeLayA saha Devya:sahasram taTA 
 yAbhisthvam sthana bAhu dhrushtibhiriva svAbhi: priyam slAgasE

Meaning (Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan ) 

Oh MahA Lakshmi! When the Lord and Yourself are engaged in love sport , all the other consorts including BhUmi and NeeLai would serve You and Your sport , as subordinate insentients(achiths) , somewhat like flowers and sandal paste . They would not harbor any jealousy . In fact , they serve to increase the quantum of bliss between You and the Lord.

On the other hand , I imagine the love sport that You engage the Lord in the ecstacy-flood exceeds all bounds ; one could say that the banks would be breached to entail the loss of flood waters. To protect the safety of a tank or dam , the overflowing water would be let out through conduits by opening the flood-gates. BhUmi and NeeLA Devis and other thousands of consorts serve in this manner; they share in the excess pleasure so as to safeguard the tank.

This paves the way for a contented enjoyment of bliss, not entailing a damage to the storage. The participants remain intact without suffering harm.

In another intrepretation , the reason for not having jealousy among the consorts of the Lord is explained this way: OH MahA lakshmi! When the Lord enjoys those other consorts , You feel as if the Lord is engaged with Your sensitive organs for aesthetic satisfaction . Thus all are assured of satisfaction , there being no scope for Saapathnya Kalaha BhAvamm or SakkaLatthi Kaacchal or asooyai .

Additional Thoughts & Elaboration by AdiyEn 

 Periya PirAtti and PerumAL are objects of enjoyment for the other Devis of the Lord Like BhUmi and NeeLA PirAtti. They take on the role of BhOga UpakaraNams such as Flower , Sandal paste etc and become indispensable for the enhancement of the Ananda anubhavam of the Dhivya Dampathis.

Dr.VNV suggsted that this Paasuram fits closely with Bhattar's nirvAham for the Thiruviruttham Paasurams of Swamy NammAzhwAr ( Paasurams 52) and the Poygai AzhwAr's 42nd Paasuram .These two Paasurams deal with the reaction of BhUmi DEvi, when She sees the Lord enjoying the bliss of Union with periya PirAtti. Bhattar intreprets these two paasurams by placing BhUmi DEvi in the Upakarana GhOshti , when the Lord is united with Periya PirAtti. This anubhavam inspired Bhattar to compose the 26th slOkam of Sri GuNa Rathna Kosam that is being discussed today.

Sri Thirumalai NallAn Raama Krishna IyengAr's Tamil translation of Bhattar's 26th Paasuram is beautiful to enjoy:

Iruveerkkum anubhavitthaRkku iniyarAhi
  inRiyamayAthu malar Saanthu pOlap-
perukArkkum prEmatthin VeLLam kEdu
  piRappiyAvAramaittha maRukALAi ninn-
poruvArkkum Puvi MadanthaiOdu Neelai
  pOnRa Aayiram DevimArkaLuLLAr
irupArkkum Vizhi Kongai kai koNDenna 
  yEnthalai neeyavarAlinpurutthi Devi!

Iruveerkkum refers here to BhUmi and NeeLA Devi in the context of the blissful union of Periya PirAtti with Her Lord. BhUmi Devi and NeeLA Devi become indispensible (inRiyamAyuthu) such as the two pleasure giving objects(bhOgOpakaraNams): like Flower and Sandal paste(Malar Saanthu pOla). The flood of bliss overflows ( perukArkkum prEmatthin VeLLam ). That should nor endanger the bunds or the dam ( VeLLam kEdu piRappiYAvARu ); a sluice is constructed to remove the presssures of the flood of BhOgAnubhavam ( VeLLam kEdu PiRappiyAvARu amaittha maRukAL). What are these sluices that relieves the pressures of the overflowing bliss experience ? They are BhUmi Devi , NeeLA Devi and the thousand other consorts of the Lord in union with Periya PirAtti ( MaRukAlAi ninn- poruvArkkum Puvi MadanthaiOdu Neelai pOnRa Aayiram DevimArkaLuLLAr). Oh MahA Lakshmi! When the lord enjoys His other Devis like BhUmi , Neelai and others, You feel as if the Lord is enjoying Your sensitive organs of aesthetic satisfaction (Vizhi Kongai kai koNDenna yEnthali Nee avarAl inbhurutthi Devi).

Sri ParAsara Bhattar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam Daasan,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan