Sri RanganAyakai Nama: 


In this slOkam , Bhattar describes the power of the auspicious glances of Sri RanganAyaki.

apAngA bhUyAmsO yadhupari Param Brahma tadh-abhUth
  amI yathra dhvithrA: sa cha sathamakhAdhis tadadharAth
atha: SrIrAmnAyas-tadhubhayamusamsthvAm praNijagou
  prasasthissaa Raaj~nO yadhapi cha purIkOsa-kaTanam 

(Meaning by Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan ):When Your eye glances falling are one, two or three, say, then the object becomes dEvAs like IndhrA , the four-faced BrahmA and the like , subordinates to Your Consort . When , therefore , Para-brahman or the lesser gods are referred to in the VedAs , the actual reference is to be understood to point to YOU. After all , if One is praising the affluence of a kingdom , the abundance of riches in the treasury etc,that praise only devolves on the ruler. So here also praise of the Lord ( or the lesser gods) is equivalent to Your praise. You are the cause of their greatness.

Earlier (28th slOkam ), Bhattar pointed out: " tvAm na pruTagabhi- dhatthE Sruthirapi" (The VedAs do not spell out Your auspicious guNAs separately from that of Your Lord because You constitute His GuNAs , which are indistinct and inseparable from Him ). Here, Bhattar says a similar situation exists , when one praises the abundant riches of the King's treasury.That praise in reality is a praise of the King Himself. The root cause behind the exalted sthAnams of Indhran and BrahmA is indeed the power of the benovolent glances of PirAtti.

adiyEn's additional Comments : KurEsar , the father of ParAsara Bhattar conceded in His Sri Sthavam that MahA Lakshmi's auspicious GuNAs and the effects of Her MangaLa dhrushtis can not be described adequaely by words :" SrI:! tAvakA guNA: vaachAm manasaam cha dhurgruhathayA khyAtha:"( Sri Sthavam: slOkam 4).

Kuresar goes on to say that the Isvaryams enjoyed by the human beings---be it small or great--- originate from the mangaLa dhrushti of MahA Lakshmi. He extrapolates this truism to Sriman NaarAyaNan Himself with the subsequent statement: " JagannATa: NaarAyaNa: api Tava EekshaNAth SvAthmAnam dhanyam manyathE" ( The Lord Sriman NaarAyaNan , who is both His own Lord and the Lord of the Universe considers Himself mightily blessed by being the object of Your auspicious glances). One of Your name is Sraddhaa. The PramANam says in this context states that You provide SarvEsvarathvam to Your Lord through your apAngam (glances):  "SraddhayA DevO Devathvam asnuthE". KurEsar cites this as His reason for seeking MahA LakshmI's refuge :

yasyA: kaDAksha mrudhu veekshaNa dhIkshaNEna
  sadhya: Samullasitha-pallavam ullalAsa:
Visvam viparyaya-samutTa-viparyayam prAkk
  ThAmm Deva-dEva-mahishIm Sriyam aasrayAma:

(Meaning): This Universe , which had experienced decline , when Your auspicious glances did not fall on it , grew beautifully , when the anugraha sankalpam of Your benovolent glances fell on it. Those uplifting glances rejuvenated it to great beauty and strength. It shot up like a young creeper reaching for the sky. We seek the protection of that great Empress , the Divine Consort of Deva Raajan.

Sri ParAsara Bhattar points out that the Roopam and SthAnam of Sriman NaarAyaNan to BrahmA to Rudran to other DevAs are only due to the power of MahA Lakshmi's KaDAksha Vaibhavam ( Tvath KaDAksha-labdha-VibhavathvAth --Parabrahma-Vidhi-Siva-SathamakhAdhi Roopam ).

Such is the glory of the Glances of Sri RanganAyaki ! 
May She take residence in the new temple built for Her at Pomona, NY and bless all Her devotees!

Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan