Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In the 32nd slOkam , ParAsara Bhattar instructs us about the dhivyAtham Svaroopa GuNams and dhivya MangaLa Svaroopa GuNams (dealing with Thirumeni )that both Lord RanganAthA and His divine Consort, Sri RanganAyaki have in common .These two categories of GuNams are common to both of them .There is no exclusivity in terms of possession of these assembly of guNAs by one or the other dhivya dampathi.

The 32nd SlOkam 

prasakana bhala jyOthir-Jn~AnaiswarI vijaya praTA-
  praNatha varaNa prEma kshEmankarathva purassarA:
api parimala: kaanthir-lAvaNyamarchirithIndhirE 
  tava BhagavathascchaitE sAdhAraNA guNarAsaya:

(Meaning by Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan): 

(Oh RanganAyaki!) We shall delineate the characteristics that mark You and Your Lord equally as follows:

a) Power , Might , effulgence,knowledge,Supermacy , sustainability --all these , said to be the implication of Bhagavaan and Bhagavathi, being the meaning of Bhaga.

b) Acceptance of a refugee , love for the person surrendered, doing all good to that devotee--these marks of a God that appeals to us as heartening qualities of the magnanimous soul.

c) the great fragrance, charm , personal beauty of all individual limbs , halo etc.--all of which mark an individual form and physical figure.

--all these heaps of traits cited are true , common aspects for BOTH of You: not that One of You has one(a GuNam) that is not had(possessed) by the other.

Additional Comments by adiyEn: 

 Parasara Bhattar groups the rich assembly of GuNAs possessed by the Lord and His Consort into two distinct categoties:

1) Dhivya Athma Svaroopa GuNams 2) Dhivya MangaLa Svaroopa GuNams

Both these categories of GuNams are shared by both.

What are these Dhivya Athma Svaroopa GuNams? These are :

(1)Prasakanam or prakrushtA sakthi or Enhanced Sakthi(power).This is the first of the six dhivyAthma Svaroopa GuNams commonly shared by Bhagavaan and Bhagavathi .

(2) Bhalam : might/ strength / vigour is the next one shared by them .

(3)JyOthi: Tejas/ lustre/ radiance/ brilliance/ splendour; He is like a "nandhA ViLakku" with Svayam PrakAsam .This is "Sudar Jn~Ana Inbham " as revelaed by Swamy NammAzhwAr in ThiruvAimozhi 10.10.10 ( Soozhnthu athanil periya Sudar Jn~Ana InbhamO).She is radiant in Her own rights.

(4)Jn~Anam: True Knowledge; Svayam prakAsa Jn~Ana Svaroopan.This dhivyAthma GuNam is saluted by Swamy NammAzhwAr as " uNar Muzhu nalam " in ThiruvAimozhi 1.1.2 as explained by our PoorvAchAryAs.She possesses the same Jn~ana Svaroopam.

(5)Iswaryam: Supreme wealth associated with Parathvam (Supermacy among Gods/supreme Being ). This is hared by both again.

(6)VijayapraTA: Veeryam or prowess is another MahA mangaLa GuNam common to both.

The Lord as ParavAsudEvan is recognized as the possessor of all these six dhivyAthma GuNAs ( "ShAdguNyAth Vaasudeva: Para" according to ParAsara Bhattar in Sri RangarAja Sthavam ). Here in Sri GuNa Rathna Kosam , Bhattar explains that Sri RanganAyaki shares all these six GuNams as Bhagavathi .

Some of the other dhivyAthma GuNams are : PraNatha VaraNam , PraNatha PrEmam and PraNatha KshEmankarathvam. When some one seeks their protection through prapatthi , the dhivya damapthis have the common trait of attracting those praNatha Janams , loving them , showing preethi and blessing them with all anugrahams.

The dhivya Dampathis also have GuNams relating to their ThirumEni ( Dhivya MangaLa Svaroopa GuNams such as Sougandhyam or divine fragrance(Parimalam). The Lord is known as Sarvagandhan; His consort shares Sarvagandhathvam. If the Lord is ParimaLa RanganAthan, then His consort is Sugandha RanganAyaki.Further, the dhivya dampathis share Kaanthi (effulgence) and LaavaNyam ( beauty in all limbs/SarvAnga Soundharyam ).

When it comes to DhivyAthma GuNams or dhivya Mangala Svaroopa GuNams , they are thoroughly matched ( OnRukku OnRu sOdai pOhavillai).

Bhattar had earlier said that the Vaibhavam of the Lord was derived from MahA Lakshmi. In this slOkam , He points out that they are equally matched in every way .In the next slOkam , Bhattar will explain as to how that happens.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan