Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In this 34th slOkam , Swami ParAsara Bhattar comments on how the Svaroopa-Roopa-GuNa SaadhAranams of the Lord and His Consort unite to bless the BhakthAs:

yuavthvAdhou thulyEpyaparavasathA Sathrusamana-
 sthirathvAdheen kruthvA Bhagavathi guNAth pumsthva sulabhAn
Thvayee SthrIthvaikAnthAn  pradhimapathi pArArTya KaruNA-
 KshamAdheen vaa bhOkthum yuvayOrAthmani midhA 

Meaning according to Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan:

So far, we described what is common to You both : but , there are some special traits , describale as masculine , such as non-dependence , firmness in destroying enemies(Sthirathvam) , etc.These mark the Lord . Certain other features , which are special to You as a Lady are: gentility , complete concession of decisions (on meeting out punishmnets/DhaNdadarathvam to Your Lord; own kindliness , forgivenness, etc; This apportionment of GuNAs betewen You both agreeing to do so: that is , by Your will and Your Lord's will reconciling each other by common consent!

Additional Comments:

Oh Periya PirAtti! SaadhAraNa GuNAs like Youth , Soundharyam are common to both of You. This aside ,There are certain qualities exhibited by Your Lord as masculine being such as SvAthanthryam ( acting independent of others/Opposite of Paaratantryam), Firmness of resolve in destroying the enemies of those who surrendered to Him , etc. In You , we see the femenine attributes shining such as softness of heart (the SoukumAryam of the heart ), total dependence on the Lord as His wife , Mercy (SrinivAsasya KaruNAmiva RoopiNI), Patience , Forgiving nature (KshamAmi na KshipAmi) , etc. Thus , certain differences in aathma guNams between You both arise as a result of Your mutual agreement .

DR.VNV refers to SiddhOpAya SodhanAdhikAram and DhvayAdhikAram of Swamy Desikan's Srimath Rahasya Thraya Saaram in the context of this slOkam . adiyEn will elaborate on these references:

At the beginning of SiddhOpAya sOdhanAdhikaaram , Swamy Desikan instructs us:

"Jaladhi SuthayA sArTam DevO jagath-paripAlayan
 Parama Purusha: SiddhOpAya: PrathishtAbhara: sathAm "

The Parama Purushan ( EmperumAn) with His Devi , MahA Lakshmi , the daughter of the Milky Ocean protects the world and accepts the burden of giving the Moksha (Parama PurushArtha Siddhi) to PrapannAs (upAya anushtAna karthAs).

A slOkam of Lakshmi Tanthram is the basis of the above upadEsam of Swamy Desikan:

LakshmyA Saha HrishIkEsO DhEvyA KaaruNya RoopayA
Rakshaka: Sarva SiddhAnthE vEdAnthEpi cha geeyathE

(Meaning): The embodiment of Mercy , EmperumAn , protects the world with His Devi , MahA Lakshmi. This is the siddhAntham celebratd in PaancharAthra Saasthrams and Upanishads .

The Dhivya dampathis are yEka tatthvam as celebrated by Ahirbudhnya samhithaI(4.78):

NaarAyana param brahma sakthirnArAyaNI cha Saa
VyApakAvathi-samslEshAth yEka-tatthvam ivOdhithou

(meaning): The dhivya dampathis who pervade in all the objects of their creation are always together without separation and therefore are recognized as yEka Tatthvam ( Single doctrine).

NaarAyaNan , who is always addressed as Sriman NaarAyaNan has 12 important guNams (Mukhya GuNams: 
(1) Vaathsalyam /irakkam
(2) Swaamithvam/ Lordship 
(3) Souseelyam/companionship even with those, who are inferior to Him in many ways
(4)Soulabhyam/ease of access by one and all who seek Him to perform prapatthi
(5)Sarvaj~nathvam/ Omniscience (6) Sarva Sakthithvam/Omnipotence 
(7)Sathya Sankalpathvam/frimness in delivering His promise 
(8)Parama KaaruNikathvam/being an embodiment of Mercy 
(9)Kruthaj~nathvam/not forgetting even a small good deed and considering that as a major upakAram 
(10)Sthirathvam/Firmness of purpose 
(11)Paripoornathvam/being the embodiment of all auspicious guNAs 
(12)ParmOdhArathvam/ being the abode of immeasurable generosity in granting boons to the chEthanan, who practises Bhakthi or Prapathti upAyam.

This Lord revered by NaarAyaNa Sabdham is recognized as Sriman NaarAyanan in dhvaya manthram.His masculanity is tempered by the femininity of PirAtti as Sarva Loka MaathA; Together with Her Lord , She stands as UpAyam at the time of Prapatthi of the chEthanan and performs Her dharmam as His Saha DharmachAriNi and accepts the havis of AathmA at the time of Praaptthi .As a result of their own sankalpam , they agree upon a gender-based division of guNAs to bless the prapannAs as a united Whole(Sriman NaarAyaNan). The Lord demonstrates masculine attributes (Purushaika Nishtai) such as SvAtantryam (independence) ,Sathru Samanam (Destruction of enemies of BhakthAs), Sthirathvam ( Firmness of resolve/aprakampyathvam) et al.

MahA Lakshmi in line with Her role as the Supreme Lady and the compassionate Mother of the World has a tacit understanding with her Lord to display Mrudhu Hrudhayam (Soft-heartedness towards AparAdhis), Bharthu Paaratantryam ( total dependence on her Husband, the Lord), KaruNA ( DayA ), KshamA ( Forgiveness), Para dukkha asahishNuthvam ( inability to be indifferent to the sorrows of the suffering /erring chEthanams), AparAdha Sahathvam ( putting up with the trespasses to SaasthrAnushtAnam instead of the tendency to punish/dhaNdatarathvam like Her Lord and pleading for the erring chEthanams before Her Lord ). The Divine couple highlight the individual guNAs befitting their Savaroopams as PithA and MaathA of the Universe and its beings and yet act in unison to protect the world and grant Moksha Siddhi to PrapannAs .

This is the purport of the 34th SlOkam of Sri GuNa Rathna Kosam of Swamy ParAsara Bhattar.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan