Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In today's posting , adiyEn will cover the 39th slOakm of Sri GuNa Rathna KOsam of Swamy ParAsara Bhattar and link it to the later anubhavam of Swamy Desikan in the many slOkams of Sri Sthuthi :

Surabhitha nigamAntham vandhishI IndhirAyA:
  tava kamala palAsa prakriyam paahda-yugmam
vahathi yadhupamardhai: VaijayanthI himAmbha:-
  pluthibhiriva navathvam kaantha bAhAntharAlE

Meaning according to Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan 

May I bow and worship at the lotus feet of Goddess MahA Lakshmi!Your feet are firmly placed at the top of the VedAs--that is, all the VedAs have , as their subject , the praise of Your feet as Supreme Goddess (MahA Lakshmi) only .Hence , Your feet smell with the Vedic fragrance in full.

Your feet are like the lotus leaves, gentle, fresh , and very sensitive (tender).

When You are seated on the chest of the Lord , You crush under Your feet , so to say , the vanamAlai garland known as Vaijayanthi. But then, Oh RanganAyaki! What a wonder ! That garland acquires a new rejuvenating effect and is fresh and fragrant , cool and flourishing , as if it were fed with cool water-nutrient from Your feet! What a heartening phenomenon!

Additional Comments: 

Here Swamy ParAsara Bhattar visualizes Sri RanganAyaki as Vakshasthala Lakshmi adorning the chest of Lord RanganAthan. She rules the world from Her Lord's ThirumArbhu. She shines there like a brilliant golden lightning flash across the blue expanse of the chest of Sri RanganAthAn. She is offering darsanam to Bhattar as "BhadrapeeDE NishaNNAM " (seated on Her auspicious seat ) . On the chest of Her Lord dangles the Vaijayanthi Maalai made of forest flowers. Sri RanganAyaki's paadhams touch that garland and press the flowers constituting the garland. Those flowers attain then a new lustre through their sambhandham with the sacred feet of Sri RanganAyaki; this new life and added lustre for them seems to come as it were from the sprinkling of cool waters from Sri RanganAyaki's sacred feet .Those lotus-soft feet of Sri RanganAyaki have Veda Sambhandham as well . Those feet are resting on the VedAs , which offer their prayers to Her . As a result of that sambhandham , Her feet exude Veda parimaLam ( fragrance of the vedAs).

Swamy ParAsara Bhattar expresses his wish to prostrate before Sri RanganAyaki and worship Her sacred feet in this slOkam. The experience of Bhattar will be recalled by Swamy Desikan later in the very first slOkam of Sri Sthuthi:

" Vaksha: peeDIm MadhuvijayinO: BhUshayanthIm svakAnthyA"
( This MangaLAnAm-MangaLam Devi adorns  the pedestal of 
the chest of Her Lord with Her own effulgence ).
--SlOkam 1 Passage , Sri Sthuthi
"SthAnam yasyA: sarasija vanam VishNu Vakshasthalam vaa"
( Whose residence is a lotus-forest or the Lord's chest)
--SlOkam 2 Paasage , Sri Sthuthi
PoorNam tEja: sphurathi Bhavathee Paadha LaakshA rasAngam
( and He , Your Lord is characterized by the marks/adayALams
from the red dye of Your feet on His chest)
--SlOkam 4 Passage , Sri Sthuthi
sEshas chittham vimala manasAm moulasya SruthInAm
sampadhyanthE ViharaNa vidhou yasya sayyaa visEshA:
--SlOkam 5 Paasage , Sri Sthuthi
(As Divine couple, You both choose as the place of sport and enjoyment, 
the bed of AdhisEshA, the heart lotus of blemishless seers  
( The devAs saw You , the sister of Nectar , seated on 
the chest of Your Lord and worshipped You to receive Your anugrahams)
--Slokam 14 Passage , Sri Sthuthi
nithyAmOdhaa nigama vachasAm MouLi mandAra maalA
( Thou art the fragrance incarnate, who is the MandhAra
Garland for the head (siras) of the VedAs.)
--SlOkam 23 Passage , Sri Sthuthi

Swamy Desikan elaborated thus in Sri Sthuthi the many tatthvams hinted briefly by Swamy ParAsara Bhattar in this 39th slOkam .

Sri RanganAyaki"s Parama Isvarya PradhAythvam is celebrated here. Her feet are "Surabhitha NigamAntham" and are " Vaasitha VedAntham " ( VedA MaNam kamazhum ThiruvadigaL). VedAs perform abhivAdhanam and salutation to those sacred feet of Sri RanganAyaki seated on her Lord's chest. Bhattar witnesses another wonder happening at the paadhAravindham of Sri RanganAyaki.As the Lord moves , the Vijayanthi Maalai moves and dashes against the Thiruvadi of Sri RanganAyaki and gets crushed (upamardhai: sangarshai:) . What happens next ? Instead of fading and falling down , those flowers of the Vaijayanthi Vana Maalai attain a new freshness , vigour and tEjas (Navathvam , Noothanathvam and Sobhai ) though contact with the sacrd feet (SrI Paadha Sparsam) as though they were freshly watered with the nectarine morning dew .

In the next slOkam , Swamy ParAsara Bhattar describes the LakshmI KaDAksha Vigraha VailakshaNyam ( the specail glory and power of Her glances).

Sri RanganAyaki Jayathi Daasan , 
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan