Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In the 40th SlOkam , Swamy ParAsara Bhattar salutes the power of the glances of Sri RanganAyaki. He describes the effect of these auspicious glances on BrahmAdhi dEvAs in general and on Her Lord , Sri RanganAthan in particular. The 40th slOkam housing these thoughts is as follows:

Thvath sveekAra kalAvalEpa kalushA rAj~nAm dhrusO dhurvachA:
nithyam thvan-madhupAna matthamadhupa SrInirbharAbhyAm Pathim
dhrughbhyAmEva hi PuNDareekanayanam vEdhO vidhAmasa tE
SaakshAlakshmi! tavAvalOk vibhava: kAkvA kayA varNyatE?

Meaning according to Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan: 

A wonderful vision perceived by the poetic eye is being described here:

DevAs like BrahmA , great Kings on earth , etc., have had the benefit of an iota of Your eye-glance . They owe their prime position to this benefaction from You .They are all indeed haughty out of this privelege--and this is evident in their excited and bedimmed eyes. Nevertheless , the beauty of their eyes is beyond our attempt at description.

This being so, Oh Goddess , the eyes of the great Lord, Your Consort, which are like the black beetles , hovering round Your whole body charm all through become intoxicated and lose themselves in this liquor-addiction, so to say , will never take out the eyes elsewhere ! So mad He is after Your (beautiful) Form!

There is a very interesting result; His eyes which were originally , rightly , described as black like beetles, have become red; He is now described by the VedAs too as the One , the Only One , to be fit to be called the red-lotus eyed Lord. No One else can lay claim for this distinction.

If this is the impact of Your eyes (glances), if this is the impact of Your body-color , if this be all Your greatness , what is one to say about and how is one to describe, the great force possessed by Your eye glance ?

Additional Comments: 

Oh RanganAyaki! If a small portion of Your kaDAksham falls on the kings or DevAs , then their eyes are filled with pride over that Bhaagyam and become agitated.It is difficult to decribe the beauty of their eyes resulting from the falling of Your glances on them.

If that were to be so, what are we to think of the impact of Your auspicious and loving glances on Your Lord? His eyes are like a beetle , who has drunk deep the honey of Your un-mamtched soundharyam and is in an "intoxicated " state . He does not take His eyes off You. His eyes become red and assume the color of a fully blossomed lotus. Those red eyes of incomparable beauty are recognized as His adayALam by the VedAs ( PuNDareekAkshan). The ChAndhOgya Upanishad Vaakyam , " Tasya kapyAsam PuNDarIkamEvamakshaNi" is invoked here. OH RanganAyaki! Indescribable indeed is the power of Your auspicious dhrushti (KaNN nOkku)!

The PunDareeka Nayanathvam of the Lord is linked dexterously by Bhattar to His Consort's eye glances falling on Him and He in turn being totally under the influence of their intoxicating power.His eyes are like the beetles , who have consumed makarandham (honey) from the flowers and dart about joyously enjoying the unparalleled beauty of the limbs of His consort.

The Tamil Translation of this verse by Sri RamakrisNa Iyengar refers to the bedimmed eys of the Kings swollen with pride due to being beneficiaries of those auspicious eye glances falling on them as:

" Nee siRithE KadaikkaNippa Nirupar KaNNkaL
  Nilavu-mathatthAr kalanki nilamEyalla "

The impact of those eye glances on Her Lord's eyes are described as:

" --Pathi KaNNkaL nALum neeyAm-
 pirasatthai paruhi matham pidittha VaNDin 
 tEsudunE ThihazhuvathAl Avanai Vedam  
 SenkamalkkaNNan yena therinthathaanRE? 

Swamy Desikan decribes in the 14th SlOkam of Sri Sthuthi :

SaapAkrAnthA: saraNamagaman saavarOdhA: SurEbdrA:
labdhvA BhUyasthribhuvanamidham lakshitham thvath kaDAkshai:

( The DevAs regained their Isvaryam , which also grew further, by the auspicious glances of grace You bestowed on them . And they enjoy it permanently--Dr.VNV Desikan ).

In the 15th slOkam , Sawmy Desikan sums up the power of MahA Lakshmi"s glances conferring immense wealth , in whatever places and directions Her glances fall and they floe with competetive zeal into an overwheming flood--Dr.VNV Desikan):

" YasyAm YasyAm disi viharathE Devi dhrushti thvadheeyA
  TasyAm TasyAmahamahamikAm dhnavthE SampadhOgA:" 

In the 16th slOkam of Sri Sthuthi , Swami Desikan refers to see those worship MahA Lakshmi realize abundant Isvaryam from earth or KubErA's abiode or from the skies or from the seas.

In the 17th slOkam of Sri Sthuthi , Swamy Desikan describes the blessed state of those , who hold in thier hearts the sacred feet of mahA Lakshmi become emperors with vast wealth on this earth.

In the 21st slOkm of Sri Sthuthi , Swamy Desikan describes how the benovolent glances of MahA Lakshmi removes all samsAric afflictions.

She is KalyANAnAm avikala nidhi ( the inexhaustible reservoir of all shrEyas/auspicousness)... slOkam 23

In the final verse of Sri Sthuthi, Swamy Desikan concludes that Her glances will confer all auspiciousness at the highest level .

Such is the power of Sri RanganAyaki/MahA Lakshmi's NethrOthpalam and the glances originating from those sweet and soft eyes.

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan