Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In this slOkam , Swamy ParAsara Bhattar visualizes the stage of soundharyam of SriranganAyaki as some where between a child (saisavam) and feminine youth (Yuvathi) :

aamaryAdham-akaNDakam sthana-yugam naadhyApi naalOkithA
 bhru-bhEdha smitha vibramaa jahathi vaa naisargikathvAyasa:
soothE Saisava-Youvana vyathikarO ghAthrEshu tE sourabham
 bhOga-srOthasi kaantha-dEsika kara grahENa gaahakshama:

(Meaning According to Dr.V.N.VedanthAdEsikan): " Your eternal state is the intermediate stage between childhood and feminine youth. The breasts have just started growing , one should say. The brow-raising , the smile, etc. are said to be parts of the prelude to the love-sport ; they would be feigned by a girl , who has reached the full youth . But then Mother Lakshmi has then almost as natural features even in the pre-youth stage. May be it is regarded as a demerit for the female in the mundane world! That stage has not yet passed off in Mother's case as yet! When You descend in the ocean of love-bliss, the Lord Himself would act as tutor to you in the art of erotics, giving a helping hand, making You fit for immersion --when You acquire a new fragrance fit and commensurate for the amorous sport,  even in that pre-youth state, permanent though.

(Comments): The enduring stage of the beauty of Sri RanganAyaki is frozen between that of a girl child (Saisavam ) and a fully-blossomed feminine youth (TaruNa Yuvathi). AzhwArs are also fond of visualizing the Lord in this fashion. For instance, One of the AzhwArs describes the Lord as "ILam Kumaran" in one of the ThiruviNNagar Paasuram . Here , the AzhwAr visualizes the Lord's beauty as some where between saisavam (childhood) and Yuvan ( Nithya YuvA as visualized by Vedam).

All the feminine feaures illustrate this unique state of Sri RanganAyaki. The stage is beginning stage of Youvanam and the Saisavam has not completely left Her. As a result , Her breasts are not fully developed (AamaryAdham akaNDakam Sthana Yugam) .This is also the case of ParAnkusa Naayaki (MulayO Muzhu MuRRum pOnthila) as described by Swamy NammAzhwAr. Vaathsya VeerarAghavAchArya Swamy comments in this context: " Sthana parimANa Poorthi: adhyApi na jAthEthi" ( The dimensions of Her breasts have not yet attained full development ). Only during PoorNa Youvanam, the breasts attain their full dimensions ( "PoorNa Youvana yEva PariNama Poorthi: syAth").

Another feature of PoorNa Youvanam is that the woman displays readily the bewitching play of the movement of the brows as a prelude to amorous play with Her lover. Sri RanganAyaki has not crossed however the stage of full blossomed Youth and yet Her bending of the brow and sweet smile suggest that She has reached the stage of fully grown woman. This is some what of a slander (apakIrthi) to the stage She really is in , since Her childhood has not completely left Her.

Her Lord becomes Her Desikan (preceptor) in the engagement of love play : "BhOga SrOthasi Kaantha Desika:" .He lends His hand as it were to swim easily in the flood of love play (Kara GrAhENa BhOga SrOthasi Kaantha: Desika: BhabhUva). He becomes Her AchAryan for Kaama kalai. His help helps Her to become fit for the KrIDA PravAha aanandham .Oh RanganAyakI ! You at the junction of saisavam and Youvanam . Your limbs and body movements attain an unparalled fragrance as a result of Your attaining the status of BhOga Naayaki for Your Lord!

Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam , 
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan