Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In this 44th slOkam , Sri Parasara Bhattar elaborates on the meaning of one of the ThiruvAimozhi Paasuram passages of Swamy NammAzhwAr ( T.V.M. 10.10.2: " Unn ThirumArvatthu Maalai Nangai" according to Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan(VNV) :

AamOdhAdh-adbhuthasaali Youana-dasA vyAkOcham amlAnimath
  SoundaryAmrutha sEka seethaLam-idham laavaNya SoothrArpitham
Sri Rangeswari! kOmaLAnga Sumanas-sandharpaNam Devi! tE
  KaanthOra: pathiyathnam-arhathi kavim dhingmAkaNDAkulam 

(Meaning according to Dr.VNV): As Swamy NammAzhwAr pointed out in TVM 10.10.2 , Oh MahA lakshmi! You are a veritable garland in the chest of the Lord . The flowers of the garland are in the just-now-blossoming state , even as You are in the stage of passing to Youth from Childhood--eternal though , this transition! The blooming flowers emit a unique fragrance . The flowers will emit this permanently , since they know no withering even as you know no further ageing beyond the conjunction stage between childhood and Youth .

The flower --garland figured here has a coolness from the sparkling of nectar from the beauties of all component organs of Your physique. These individual beauties --called Soundharyaas --are all strung together in a twine, so to say , to give the resultant total beauty called Laavanya ; the individual limb beauties and the total garland are very sensitive even to touch --why , even to a verbal praise (such as my verse in praise)!

This garland --namely Yourself --is a wonderful decoration to the Lord's chest. But, what have I done in my folly ? I am a bad sinner, surely this! Fie upon me! Can I harm the far-too-sensitive , delicate , flower garland by my verbal praise ? What is Your nature ? Your feet can not bear trampling on the pollen--dust even; Your hands can not bear the toy-flower itself ; in fact , how could I reconcile to Your playing on the rough and tough chest of the Lord ? How could I dare describe You as a flower-garland on His chest , knowing fully well Your extreme sensitiveness ? What a bad poetry this, that I have created --not taking into account Your unique nature properly ? May I be cursed for this !

Comments: Sri Paraasara Bhattar takes himself to task for daring to describe through comparison of Sri RanganAyaki to a perfectly fitting flower garland on the chest of Her Lord . He has second thoughts about the poorness of that similie and feels contrite.

Sri RanganAyaki's dhivya mangaLa Vigraham is described first as an exquisite flower garland of unmatched fragrance.

" AamOdhAdhbhuthEna adhbhutha Sougandhya:" As a result of this dhivya gandham (fragrance) , this garland on the Lord's chest(Sri RanganAyaki) , it attains an unmatched state of excellence (adhbhuthasAli)in fragrance . Swamy NammAzhwAr celebrates the divine fragrance of the tresses of MahA Lakshmi taking residence on the Lord's chest this way: " Unn Thiru-mArvatthu Maalai Nangai vaasam sey poonkuzhalAL ". She is like the most beautiful & fragrant garalnd on the Lord's chest . She Herself declares that She will not leave that seat even for a fraction of a second (ahalahillEn yenRu ). This is a permanent fragrance , which does not ever diminish (youvana dasA vyAkOcham) . It is associated with the blossoming of Sri RanganAyaki as She lingers eternally between the state of a child and a Youth full of femenine charm.Her soundharyam has a never fading coolness like an object sprayed with nectar.

"amlAnam" here stands for a bright object that is unwithered . That amlAna Soundharyam ( beauty) is "soundhryAmrutha sEka SeethaLam ". Her soundharyam achieves its unfaded peak status due to the sprinkling of the nectar Her avayava sObhai ( beauty of the individual limbs being at the top of their youth ). Those limbs brimming with beauty are the flowers making up the garland that is Yourself of exquisite beauty. Those flowers are strung together in the base string (twine)of Your LaavaNyam (beauty). Your laavaNyam is like a fast flowing stream that flows all over Your limbs (SamudhAya avayava sObhai). Strung together by Your laavaNyam , the flowers (limbs) constitute the most beautiful garland (Yourself) resting on the Lord's chest.

Sri RangEswari ! This delicate and beautiful garland (Yourself) is a magnificent and noble alankAram for the chest of Your Lord .

What have I done now to this unique garland as a poet ? I have crushed unintentionally this most delicate garland by my words stating that this garland is the most appropriate one for Your Lord's chest . How could that be? Fie on me for my poverty of imagination! I should have known that Your tender feet suffers even from the brushing with the pollen dust of the lotus on which You are sitting! Your delicate hands feel the pain of lifting and holding the lotuses (leelA pushpams) on Your two upper hands! How could such a tender and delicate fit as an appropriate ornament for the hard and strong chest of Your Lord ? I am thoroughly mistaken in my comparison of You to a soft garland that finds its match on the chest of Your Lord . I could not adequately express myself due to my poverty of imagination as a poet daring to describe Your uniqueness.I deserve condemnation for my poor efforts to describe Your uniqueness !

Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam , 
Daasan, Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan