Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In the 46th slOkam, Swamy Parasara Bhattar the divine beauty (dhivya soundharyam) of His Mother:

Kanaka rasanaa mukthaa thADanga haara lalAdikaa--
 maNisara tulAkODi prAyair JanArdhana JeevikE !
prakruthi madhuram gAthram jaagarthi mugdha-vibhUshaNai:
 valasakalair-dhugdham pushpaisccha kalpalathA yaTaa

Meaning according to Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan: 

(As) the life-giving creeper that You are to the lord JanArdhanan, I address You this way. You are inherently very sweetly beautiful. As if one can add charm to this supreme charm of Yours, You adorn Yourself with gold girdle-belt, pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, forehead pendant, gem-laces,anklets etc.Are these but sugar candy bits added to sweeten (further) the milk that Your inherent beauty is? Yes.

Or are they the flowers that have bloomed on the Kalpaka creeper that Your charm can be figuratively pictured? Yes.

Additional Comments: Sri RanganAyaki is like a Sanjeevini- Kalpala lathai to Sri RanganAthan. Her inherent beauty does not need any additional ornaments. When such ornaments are added by the kinkaris (servants) of the inner chamber, then the samudhAya soundharyam (Collective beauty) is enhanced many fold and that dhivya Soundharyam captivates the Lord. He falls under Her spell.If Sri Ranganaayaki of limitless innate beauty is the life-giving creeper to JanArdhana-Rangan, then the ornaments added to enhance Her dhivya soundharyam are like the budding, beautiful blossoms on that Kalpakaa creeper.

The naamam "Janaarrdhanan"is the 128th Sahasra Naamam of VishNu. The explanation given by Swamy ParAsara Bhattar for this naamam is: "RakshAprathipakshAn janaan anapEkshO ardhayathi ithi" - He is the destroyer of persons, who are antagonostic. He is known as Janaardhana, since He destroys without expecting any outside help those, who are antagonisitic to BhakthAs). Sri RanganAyaki is reognized as "JanArdhana JeevikA", the life-giving creeper of Her Lord. She removes His aayAsams (fatigue/KaLaippu) and restores Him back to His erstwhile joyous state.She is like a moolikai for Him; She is the Rangaraja Jeevana Oushadhi. Her charm and beauty is natural (SvabhAva Ramyam) and the adorning of the beautiful jewelery (Sundara AabharaNams) makes Her appear like a Kalpaka Creeper in bloom.The aabhraNams add to Her natural beauty and enhance Her natural beauty like the sweetness of milk enriched by the addition of Sugar.

Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam, 
Daasan, Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan